Konya, Anomachikara

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Konya, Anomachikara

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Japanese name: 今夜、あの街から
Date of creation: 2021
Origin: Japan
Genres: J-pop
Years active: 2021-present
Labels: Yorumachi (2021)
asistobe (2021-2022)
Being/B ZONE (2022-present)
Website: yorumachi-nora.com

Konya, Anomachikara (今夜、あの街から Konya, anomachikara?), also known as YORUMACHI (ヨルマチ Yorumachi?) and its english name From That City Tonight, is a Japanese music unit established in June 2021.


  • Nora (ノラ ?)

Male vocalist. A talented musician in charge of lyrics, composition, and arrangement. He started writing lyrics and composing under the name Ryo Narumiya (成宮 亮 Narumiya Ryō?). Since June 2021, he came up with the stage name "Vocaloid Producer Nora" and formed the music unit.

  • Layla (レイラ ?)

Female vocalist. A fictional character. Nora collaborates with female singer who will appear as Layla.

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