Issei Muto

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Issei Muto

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Japanese name: 武藤 一誠
(Mutō Issei)
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Date of birth: Unknown
Relatives: Masako Muto (wife)
Occupation: Second-hand factory owner
Status: Under judicial custody
First appearance: Anime: Episode 985
Appearances: Masako Muto Appearances
Cases solved: 0
Japanese voice: Yasuyuki Kase

Issei Muto (武藤 一誠 Mutō Issei?) is a character in the anime franchise Detective Conan.


He appears in 985th and 986th episode as the husband of Masako Muto and a company president, who turned out to be a second-hand factory owner. He killed his employee Sadahiko Nonaka because Nonaka discovered that he was a fraudster that used the factory as a hiding place.


He is an evil person, a liar, a fraudster and a murderer.


He is a middle-aged man with dark hair. He wears the uniform of his company: a beige or green suit.


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