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Japanese name: グラム
Date of creation: 2012
Origin: Japan
Genres: Pop
Years active: 2012-present
Labels: D-GO

Grram (グラム Guramu) is a Japanese pop group under the D-GO label. In March 21, 2012, the mini album "the direction" the official debut. In March 29, 2013 the band concert dissolution, nominal lead singer Kukawa Mitsuki a person to continue to use grram music.

The autumn of 2010, Kukawa Mitsuki in the music school regularly interview, illusory song and lyrics by producer long family fortune appreciation, and then find the 3 members meeting, until the form grram. In the song "although sad today sunset is beautiful" as Detective Conan After that, the piece postlude started in March 21, 2012, included the song first Mini Album "For sale in the direction", the official debut Mini album.


  • Mizuki Kugawa (がわみずき Kugawa Mizuki?) (Vocals)

Former members[edit]

  • Taisuke Maruyama (丸山泰輔 Maruyama Taisuke?) (Guitar)
  • Ryouta Inoue (井上亮太 Inoue Ryouta?) (Bass)
  • Kei Nishiyama (西山圭 Nishiyama Kei?) (Drums)

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