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This is a good profile picture

This page is a picture guide on how to select excellent profile pictures. Profile pictures have been a hotspot for edit wars. Fights over profile pictures are best avoided by not uploading pictures that lack the necessary qualities described below.

Sometimes profile images with one or more of the flaws listed below will be used, sometimes because there is no better image, or because an image is still good despite having flaws. This guide is meant to be instructive, not a cut-in-stone ruleset that can't be violated.

Profile pictures should use the standard name and image format[edit]

Using the standard image name lets other users keep track of past versions of the profile, avoids orphaning files, and streamlines actions involving large numbers of profile images down the line. 99% of the time, the page name and the profile name will be the same.

  • The standard name is (Given Name)_(Family Name)_Profile.jpg

The image has proper proportions[edit]

Profile pictures should have proper proportions. Train yourself to notice images that gave been stretched or distorted and always check images before you upload them, especially if you use a screenshotting program.

This image has been stretched out vertically and is not acceptable.
This image is squashed horizontally and is not acceptable.
This image has been stretched out vertically and is not acceptable.

The image shows all of the character's most distinguishing features[edit]

Any animated character, especially those in Detective Conan, has distinguishing facial features and hairstyles. An excellent profile picture captures all of these in as close to their entirety as possible. Consider the below images of Hattori Heiji.

This image is further from Hattori's face so his hair point and hat are both in the frame
This image is filled by Hattori's face so that his hair point and hat are not visible.

Hattori's face's most distinctive traits are his dark skin, blue green eyes, horizontal hairpoint, and distinctive ballcap. The image on the left captures all of those within the frame, versus the second which has cut out the hat and hair. The one on the left is thus a better profile image.

Profile pictures should be the best quality of animation[edit]

Aoyama Gosho and the animators vary the quality of images from frame to frame depending on how important the scene is or whether they are using a model. Only select images from the highest quality frames. Openings, endings, and keyframes usually have pretty good quality.

The animators did not do that great of a job on this Sera from Episode 647. It looks a bit uncanny. This is because her right eye is is higher than her left one but her right eyebrow is lower than the left one. That makes her face look weird and unsymmetrical.
This frame of Sera from Episode 648 is also lousy

Sometimes the best quality doesn't come from the anime. Posters, websites, and other promo materials can be used for images. Check those out too of you have access to them!

A fantastic image of Kaito Kid from the 'Magic Kaito Color Illustration Gallery' promo. It has the full hat, shoulders, and torso. It is also HQ.

The image is of good quality[edit]

Profile pictures should be of good quality. Images should be relatively large so that they are shrunken, not enlarged, when automatically resized for the profile template. While jpeg images are not compressed particularly well on wiki software and thus tend to be grainy no matter what, it is best that the images be taken on the highest resolution anyway so as not to increase the magnitude of the problem, and so they look nice to anyone who decides to view the image at the largest size. If one day the wiki decides to migrate to .png profile pictures, having an HQ source will make life easier for everyone.

This image has been saved with noticeable jpeg artifacts. It is also quite small.
This image is large and saved at high quality.

The image does not have noticeable watermarks or borders[edit]

Profile images with no watermarks or the watermarks edited out are the most preferable. Watermarks from Japanese TV stations are generally accepted because they are small and unintrusive. Images with watermarks from anime upload sites or fansubbing groups are strongly frowned upon and should not be uploaded at all if possible.

  • Images uploaded from the manga should have the borders cropped out as much as possible.
  • Text bubbles should be cropped out as much as possible and the text in them erased UNLESS the text makes the picture more useful (e.g. used to illustrate a conversation or specific scene).

Images should not be especially dark or unusually lit[edit]

Dark images do not show up well on dim monitors, and it is common for laptop screens to not be on the brightest setting in order to conserve batteries.

This image is very dark and low contrast meaning it will not display well on dim monitors

Profile pictures where the character is in excessive shadow are undesirable.

The face is in shadow, so there is little contrast.
The face is in shadow, so there is little contrast.

Unusually colored lighting distorts the character's appearance. Either use a program to re-balance the color or find a more suitable image.

This image is very red
This image is also red (and uncentered). Akai's green eyes are now hazel because of the red cast.

Profile pictures should have "normal" expressions[edit]

Profile images should have whatever expression is most common or characteristic of that character, or else a neutral to slightly happy expression. Don't use strange or "Gag" expressions that are distracting or ones that are not typical for the character.

This picture of Ran with a worried expression would not make a good profile image because her expression is distracting. A happier or neutral expression would be better.
Takagi is pretty much never angry, so seeing him like this conveys an out of character feeling. It's not the best first impression for someone visiting his page.
Jodie's confused expression and uneven eyebrows are distracting.

Images should match the character's current appearance[edit]

Please use images that match the current art style if possible.

  • People often go the most overboard on this and upload lower quality images simply because they are newer, without any other redeeming features. Unless the character has changed style or appearance significantly, old images are perfectly fine. In other words, don't go around replacing older images unless you have something definitely equally as good.
Yukiko's "Before" Appearance (Episode 43)
Yukiko's "After" Appearance (Episode 621)

Profile pictures should be from between 3/4s turned and straight on[edit]

The face of the characters should be mostly turned forward in order to show most of the face.

Profile pictures should be looking toward the reader or close to that[edit]

It is distracting and disconnecting when a person in a profile image is looking nowhere near outward.

Vermouth is looking off to the side in this already-too-dark image
Vermouth looking down makes this otherwise okay image uncanny to look at

Profile pictures should not have busy or distracting backgrounds[edit]

It is easier on the eyes when background detail is kept to a minimum so that it doesn't interfere with the character in the foreground. Also try to chose an image where the face and clothing of the character doesn't blend into the background. High contrast images with simple backgrounds are best.

This Conan has a simple background that all parts of Conan stand out from. It's an extremely good profile picture.
This Shinichi has a great pose and expression but his clothing and hair blend into the darkness behind him.
This Kazuha has a lot going on in the background behind her which distracts from her and causes her to blend in a bit with the noise.

Profile pictures should not be especially idiosyncratic[edit]

Sort of a catch all category, but there are many images that are just off for one reason or another. Non-typical appearance, off-centered image, unusual outfits, strange things in the background, and odd looking art may make reduce the value of a profile picture.

An otherwise nice and clear picture of Kogoro is "messed up" by his winking expression and his unusally twirled mustache that he uses for only one case.