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Chat section now with IRC!

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I wasn't gonna make a new thread about it but I believe it's the best way to spread awareness among members and visitors. So, if you click on "Chat" at the top, you will now have access to the web-based version of our IRC channel!

Link: http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/chat

For a quick tutorial about how to install an IRC client instead (such as mIRC or IceChat), check out this thread: http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/959-detective-conan-world-irc-channel/

To register your nickname in the channel, simply use the following commands:

I. If you would like to change your nickname first, do:

/nick YourNewNickname

II. To register your current nickname, do:

/msg NickServ register password email

Where "password" is the password you would like to use to login and "email" is your email address. You will be receiving an email shortly after to confirm your registration.

Then, the next time you go into the channel again, simply choose your nickname and identify yourself by doing:

/msg NickServ identify password

Where "password" is the password you used to register.

That's about it.

Have fun! :)

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