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  1. ShiroKuro

    It's been a while... XDXD

    3 years.... It's been 3 years since I last logged into this account haha. I also remember the last time I was here I made a post about something among the lines of we should have a day where we all log on XDXD I have to admit, I was a biiitt of an idiot 3 years ago. But that person before is different from who I am today! So onto my intro (again XD) Hii my name is ShiroKuro and I somehow achieved 100 posts on this account I love Detective Conan (why else would I be here) and a whole heap of other mangas too I hope to get well acquainted with you guys and hopefully, hopefully won't be as much of an idiot as I was 3 years ago lmao. Cheers! ShiroKuro
  2. ShiroKuro

    Ran ever strike Conan?

    She won't hit him intentionally because she loves little kids
  3. ShiroKuro

    Why do some people not like Ran?

    Sometimes she cries too much and gets fooled easily. But I don't really hate Ran
  4. ShiroKuro

    The new member

    ello~ welcome to DCW!
  5. ShiroKuro

    Welcome the new wolf to the pack!!

    Konnichiwa~ and welcome to DCW
  6. ShiroKuro

    Hi There DCW!

    Hello welcome to DCW
  7. ShiroKuro

    Detective Conan / Case Closed 30 Day Challenge!

    Sugoi! its really good thank you!
  8. ShiroKuro

    Conan x Ayumi

    Conan and Ayumi look cute together but I still like the ConanxAi and KudoxRan In my opinion
  9. ShiroKuro


    Welcome! and have a great time here!
  10. ShiroKuro


    Konnichiwa! hope you enjoy your stay here!!
  11. ShiroKuro


    Welcome and hope you have a great time!!!