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What Will You Do If There Was No This or That

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Welcome and have fun

'What Will You Do If There Was No this Or That?' is a bit like 'What would you do if this or that happens?' but in this one there are rules and it is a bit different.


1.You can only ask questions that are to do with the topic.

2.You will have to answer the question above you before you can ask a question.

3.You'll have to choose which team you'll be on: The Questioning Team or The Answering Team.

4.You are not allowed to change your position after you choose your team.

Winning and Loosing: If the Answering Team cannot answer to the question that had been asked, then the Questioning Team win, if the Questioning team cannot ask any questions, then the Answering Team wins.


Person 1: What will you do if there were no Internet?

Person 2: I will read books.

Person 3: What if there were no books?

Person 2: I'll write a book.

And so on...

The Questioning Team:

@Rom Yui



The Answering Team:

@Shinichi Kodou



@Shuichi Akai


Starter: What will you do if you cannot go to school?

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If I don't have a teacher or parents to learn from, I would learn on my own.

(Am I allowed to answer? I'm neither in the question nor answer team.. >_<)

You answered a question , so I will put you in the answering team..

Back to the game: What if you could not read?

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