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If you are getting blocked by Sucuri from logging in, enable third party cookies and then log in

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I was locked out of the site for a while until I figured out that blocking third party cookies seems to make Sucuri think you are a bot. Enable third party cookies for the login process, and when you are done, you can disable them again.

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It seems like DCW has developed an allergy. :P


But anyways, never had problems with the login thingy.

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On 2/2/2017 at 4:21 PM, julia azrina said:

i'm also have been blocked. i want to make contributions too. why can't i?

Blocked on the forum, or blocked on the wiki?


If you mean that you are blocked from editing on the wiki, that is because the IP address that Sucuri* gave you was also used by an anonymous user I blocked on the wiki earlier. Because of the way Sucuri works, several people share one editing IP address. When I block an IP address because one person is misbehaving, everyone else using that IP address becomes collateral damage. It's unfortunate, but I have no choice when I have to stop someone.


You have an account with a name since you made one to post on the forum. You should be able to edit on the wiki since the block in question only covers users who are not logged in. Try editing while you are logged in and it shows your username in the upper right on the wiki; there should be no problems.


One final complication is that certain pages on the wiki are protected so new users cannot edit them even if they make an account. Most of these are high traffic or important support pages that are potential vandalism targets (Main page, Anime, Template! etc.). Logged in users stop being "new" once they make some regular edits on other pages. There are a few other pages that have been locked to anonymous and new users because of past problems. These are currently (Feb 4, 2017):

  • Relationships‎ (Locked because of semi-frequent deletions by people who dislike certain romances, romance triangles, etc)
  • The Boss of the Black Organization‎ (Locked because one editor made 400-500 tiny edits in large batches at a time, added false rumors, and rewrote sections into incorrect English. It got completely out of hand when movie descriptions became longer than the rest of the article. I basically got tired of having to fix the page several times, only to have the same types of edits made again later.)
  • The Beauty, The Lies, and The Secrets‎ (Same editor as above made about 30 edits about how an AO char is similar to Fujiko from Lupin III.)
  • Everyone Saw‎ (An anonymous user repeatedly changed a crime description from murder to suicide. Someone left an invisible note saying why it should be one way, but the other user kept changing it several times without explaining his side. So I locked it, because even they are right, people who just try to force their way without even so much as an edit summary explaining why are rude.)


*(Sucuri = the security service this website uses to protect against hackers)

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