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Alternate Bourbon Arc Fanfic.

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Thanks, Chek! That's very kind of you. I haven't continued working on the next chapter yet, as I ran into a storytelling dead end. I was afraid of a positive comment like that, as I'm not very good at continuing to build suspense and continuing a mystery, (laying clues/having Conan put them together and whatnot). The story actually improved as I wrote, as it originally wasn't supposed to have those three suspect characters.

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Although I did like the Bourbon arc, and I normally don't care much at all for fan-fiction, I think this is really well written. Great job, looking forward to the next one! 

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I'm glad that some of you are enjoying this interpretation so far. I'm already writing the next chapter right now, and I'm already formulating plans for another alternate storyline. Namely, the "Araide Investigates the B.O." Arc that Gosho never got around to.

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