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Recent server maintenance

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Hello all!


I actually posted a message about the maintenance but it was not backed up (because of the hardware issues we've been having lately with the server).


To sum up, there's been some changes such as:

- Hardware change (new disk)

- New OS and administrative tools

- Hopefully more stable environment


I still have to work on a remote backuping system (the local backuping process should be stable and work nicely).


Since there's been an issue with the latest backup of the wiki, some changes have to be redone (from March 15 to 18). I will be updating it soon with the latest changes. Therefore, the wiki will not be editable for the time being (except by admins).


Thank you for your patience and understanding!



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Thank you! haha


There's been an issue with the domain name routing. The server/site was still alive but nobody could reach it. It took some time to solve and hopefully it's fine now.

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