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Is Sera Masumi a good character?

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Considering Gosho made Sera by request. Do think she is a good addition?

Does she make the series better?

Does she add to the story in a good way?

I percieve many people like her a lot. And it doesnt help with her Akai connection.

Personally i find her annoying and over used with way too much air time. And seems like she always wants people to ask her questions about herself.

I like that she can fight and want to see that. Preferably with Sonoko's boyfriend. And her back story seems kinda intresting.

But overall i find she drags out the story a lot. I wish half the time she got would go to Amauro, as his interesting with his crazy physics skill and stuff. And the Date friendship too.

I dont even think Sera ia a long term character. And the character she was based after was much better. A darker more serious character. I think Sera is abad character. And to improver her i hope she is bad and trys to set up Shinichi in some way. That would be intresting.

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I think the same as you...She have some qualities that i like(fighting,detective skills...)but I have the feeling  Gosho forces us to like her,he over uses her  and that makes her a bit annoying IMO.

Actually the first reason why I'm really interested in her is because she's Shuichi's sister,and that really add something to Akai's character...And also she may get important in the BO plot so I'm really curious about that...and also I would like to see interactions between Ai and Sera.


But I'm not a fan of Sera as a character for now...maybe I'll like her when we'll know more about her family and past.


I personally think we already have a lot of good characters (Ran,Ai,Akai...),and a lot of mystery that still unsolved,so I wish Gosho would focus on the main characters instead of adding new characters and new mysteries.

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I think Sera is a useless addition... I mean she is a "detective", but we already have too much detectives. Other than useless, I would say quite annoying, because she's always trying to expose Conan. I mean, if she wants the APTX 4869 antidote, she can still keep quiet about Conan being Shinichi. Also, out of Sera, that approach is more antagonistic than heroic.

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