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Detective Conan World

Sparrow's World

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Chapter 1: Step Into The World


Note: Sparrow is NOT a "good guy" Sparrow is also ME, the main character

Note: It's just a voice, we don't know who it is, but...it's a voice.

Note: The ending of this series...will just be...amazing. IT JUST WILL BE AMAZING! Just like Leaping Into Detective Conan.

Note: The people in this Fanfic act out of role.



"Sparrow, it's time." 

"Yes Master, i'm ready, to be sent THERE." I said.

A light flashed in the middle of the room, "it's ready, Sparrow! After many years of hard work...it's finally ready!"

The light stopped and it became a portal. I stepped into the portal, ready with my weapons, tonfas and a sword.


In the world of Detective Conan


I remembered my Master's words " when you arrive, go meet these people, they'll help you."

"Hmmmmm...Master...I can't read this map...I can't...I...oh wait it's upside down." I said out loud.

The map said: "keep going left until you reach a pier. This is where you'll meet them."


20 Minutes Later

"Finally reached it..." I thought.

"So, you finally decided to show up." a familiar voice said, "you! Gin!" I screamed at him.

"Yo, little bro." said Chianti. "We thought you got lost." continued Chianti. I was really annoyed at Chianti, "you thought I got LOST? Who always got lost when we were kids? YOU" I screamed at Chianti.

"Shut up you two!" Gin yelled. "Now Sparrow, I want you to infiltrate the Mouri Detective Agency, and help them, gain their trust. THEN! SLAUGHTER THEM!"

"Korn, don't you have anything to say?" Chianti asked.

"Isn't this the first time we've all been together for a long time?" Korn asked.

"You always say stupid things, Korn." Vermouth said. "Where's Bourbon?" I asked them. "Bourbon? He's gaining the enemy's trust, to get the moment to SLAUGHTER THEM" Gin said, his eyes grew sinister and evil.





"What's our mission?" I asked. "Gain Mouri's and his friends' trust. Until then, we'll be waiting for the chance to kill. Go accompany Bourbon. The boss says the deadline is 7 months from now, and that you leave now." Gin explained.


10 Minutes Later at Mouri's Detective Agency

When I entered the door to the detective agency, Bourbon came right over and said "ahem, everyone, I would like to introduce, Sparrow, he's my brother."

[idiot! We don't even look alike! THEY'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT!]

"Oh hi Sparrow!" Ran said.

"Get out! We have enough staying here already!" Mouri said.

"But...but!" I tried to say. 

"NO BUTS!" Mouri yelled. "I have limited time posters of Okino Yoko that I am willing to give you." I said in the most sweet voice ever.

"R-really?!?!? Well...you're welcome to stay anytime." Mouri said cool and composed. [ He's such an idiot...]



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Chapter 2: Prelude to Destruction


The Next Day

"So, what're we having for breakfast?" I asked when we gathered around the table. "Your brother's making us food, his food is amazing." Mouri said while drooling.

"Breakfast is ready everyone!" Amuro called out.

"Sparrow, can I talk to you?" Amuro asked while I was stuffing pancakes in my mouth. I nodded.


"You're finally here, now we can do what we've always wanted to." Amuro said, "what did Gin ask you to do?" he continued.

"Gain their trust, be on cases with them." I told him.

Amuro nodded as we walked backed to the table.

"I really didn't get to introduce myself yesterday." I said, "My name is Amuro Sparrow, you can call me Sparrow." I continued, "I am from America and a detective too, and I would like to go on cases with you." I told them.


A girl barged in on our breakfast and started speaking in English. Since no one here knew how to speak English, I asked, "are you able to speak Japanese?" in English. The girl nodded. 

"A big case just happened, my dad, Kaiko Genrai  (the mayor of the city in this story) was murdered!" she said.

"Kaiko-san?!?!?" Mouri exclaimed.

"We have to go everyone!" I yelled. "Where's the scene of the crime?" I asked the girl, "my name is Kaiko Mido, the scene of the crime was at a Chinese restaurant!"


10 Minutes Later

At the Chinese restaurant


"Ah, I see the body!" I said and pointed to the table in the middle with the person lying dead on the floor in front of it.

There was nobody else in the restaurant besides the workers.

We suddenly got ambushed by 15 people in cloaks, I couldn't see their faces.


I pulled out my tonfas and got ready to strike. I charged at them, but one person put a hand out of his pocket and showed a taser and tried to taser me but I dogded and kicked him in the face.

I threw my tonfas at the next and kept throwing them at the attackers.

One person dodged my tonfas, but he didn't expect the swift kick to the head. [ So swift...] (A/N the [ ] means my character is thinking to himself.)

Conan was soccer balling people while Amuro was punching them in their faces and Mouri was using Judo on them.


After it was over


"I think they were assassins." I said  "One had a taser, I think the person who hired them wanted us to not solve the case." I continued.


To be Continued

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Well, the story is good so far, but there was something that I though I should remind you of.

If you're Amuro Rooru's brother, your name should be Amuro Sparrow instead of Tooru Sparrow because

Amuro-> surname

Tooru -> first name.

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Chapter 3

The King's Fall


I took off one of the assassins' masks and Mouri looked over and exclaimed, "those are the mayor's bodyguards!"

"What?!?!" said everyone else.

"The bodyguards were fired, the mayor was a bad person, he wrote a threatening note, signed the bodyguards, to him." Mouri continued. "What did the letter say?" I asked. "It said; we will kill you at midnight, From: your bodyguards, to: Genrai." Mouri explained. "He even put on an act when finding the letter. He called his bodyguards to him and said this, "you...you...you're fired!" his bodyguards were confused at this."


"There's more hidden information about Genrai, he used his bodyguard's money to gamble..." Mouri said.

"So," I said, "these bodyguards have a motive to kill, but there must be a mastermind behind this!" I continued.


"Can we see the note, Mido-san?" She nodded.


10 minutes later at City Hall.

"What would the motive be for writing this note..." Mouri wondered.

"Maybe the bodyguards ran out of money for Genrai to play with, so he decided to fire them to hire new ones." I suggested.

"I never knew that he was so bad." Ran said.


" Lets go back." Mouri said, putting the note in his pocket.



10 Minutes Later at Restaurant

We all went inside while Mouri lit a cigarette outside.

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Chapter 4


In the Restaurant

"So, what do we do now?" I asked. "What was the time of death, Mido-san?" Mouri asked.

"He just died a few hours ago probably an hour ago" Mido replied. 

"Rigor hasn't started up yet, that does mean it's been less than 3 hours since his death." I said.


I turned the body over and saw a knife in his back.

"Hey! Is this the same knife the restaurant puts at every table?" I asked one of the waiters sitting in the corner.

One of them nodded.

[so that means any one of the people at the table could have been a bodyguard waiting to kill him with the knife.]




Uh I'll continue later

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Continuation of Chapter 4

(my computer has been breaking down and probably will continue breaking down.my internet keeps lagging now....not good with murder tricks...i dont know why killers cant just stab someone with gloves on and run away...while nobody is around. Huh, Mouri seems really smart in my story...I wonder why.)

"Why haven't you called the police?!" Mouri was yelling

"Well..." Mido trailed off.


"Anyways, this is a private matter!" Mido suddenly shouted.

"Right, we'll try to solve this case as soon as possible" Mouri responded.

"First off, why was your dad here?" Mouri asked, "he was here to meet his new bodyguards." Mido replied.

[Maybe...the old bodyguards disguised themselves. They could've been behind him... stabbed him with a knife and put on a shocked face...that's too straightforward..]


"So what now" Mouri asked.

"Where's your mom?" asked Mouri.

"She's still at our house, she doesn't know this happened yet." Mido replied.


At the Mayor's House.


"Would you like to have a cup of tea?" the mayor's wife asked when we came in.

"Ah, no thank you." Mouri said.

"We're here to tell you badnews." Conan said.


"Yes?" she asked. "It's about your husband...he was murdered today when we was meeting his new bodyguards." Mouri said "And, we think prime suspects are his old bodyguards." Mouri continued.

She nodded as she took all this in. 

"We would like to ask you for the names of the bodyguards." Mouri said.


She nodded. "Their names are, Johnny, he's an american, Moukai, Bisho, Bikon, and Piko."

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A special chapter, FOR EVERY ONE!

(if you would like to see more...go to the site I told u guys about up above)


My phone started ringing, I went over to it and picked it up, it was from someone named "Shiki" (see, here's uhh...if u havent read the special chapter in Leaping, then you'll probably be confused let's see...Shiki was sent OUT of the Detective Conan world, and sent BACK in, but not in the same world. Shiki checked his phone, and saw "Sparrow" on his contacts list, instead of "Yuiki". Shiki then called this "Sparrow" person.)

I answered the call, "hello?"  I said. "Are...you Sparrow?" Shiki asked. "Yeah." I said, "your name is Shiki, so who are you?" I asked. "Well..." I said (Shiki rambles on about what happens to him......)


A few minutes later.


"That's quite an interesting story, Shiki." Sparrow said, after Shiki was done explaining. "You're like me." I said, "you and i, were both sent to this world, except, I was sent here , and you were just... kind of forced here." I continued.


"Why were you sent here?" Shiki asked. "Wait, where do you live?" Shiki asked again. "I live at the Mouri Detective Agency." I responded.

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