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30 Day Detetive Conan Drawing Challenge!

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There wasn't one of these that I've seen, so I made one based on the DMC 30 day drawing challenge! Here's the Tumblr post if you want it that way.

1. Favorite character

2. Conan

3. Your least favorite character

4. Favorite police officer

5. Favorite gadget being used

6. Kaitou Kid

7. Pick a character and give them traditional Japanese clothing

8. Ran and Kazuha

9. Favorite female character solving a case

10. Shinichi

11. Choose another fandom and pick a character. Draw that character meeting the famous Mouri Kogoro

12. Haibara/Shiho

13. Draw one of the characters you consider less loved

14. Detective Boys

15. Genderbend a character or two

16. Favorite pairing

17. Satou

18. Heiji thinks he solved a case before Shinichi

19. The Kudo family

20. Kuroba Toich and/or Nakamori Ginzo

21. Takagi and Chiba being bros

22. Choose another fandom and pick a character. Kaitou Kid and that character swap clothes.

23. Favorite Black Org Member(s)

24. Teitan High class photo

25. Favorite skilled sniper

26. Crack pairing!

27. Favorite characters singing karaoke

28. Detectives of the East and West as adults

29. Akai

30. Shinichi confessing everything to Ran

I'm not sure if everyone wants to post this here, or in their threads in Drawings, or if we should do a whole new thread in the Drawings forum... or maybe move this thread there...?

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So you have to draw one every day?

Is it okay if you draw an existing picture?

The point is to challenge you/make your practice, so normally you would draw something new and original each day. Some don't do it every single day in succession, so don't fret too much if you can't! HOWEVER, it makes good practice for making deadlines if you try to!

we can send any of the pictures that we draw?

You can post it anywhere you like! If you don't have some sort of blog that would benefit from it, I suggest posting it here :D

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