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The Top Coolest Female Anime/Manga Character Poll

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Vote for the coolest female anime/manga character in your opinion 047.gif! You may choose to 10 maximum! It doesn't have to be 10, that is the number limit allowed ali_031.gif...

Anyway, since the poll settings here is limited I put it up in this website named MisterPoll~ Here's the link: http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/548382/

After getting a lot of votes I'm gonna post them (in my blog and here) in order according to the votes af48944b.gif... and then, and then ali_072.gif!

So, if you know any cool female character (that is not listed in the poll's choice) ali_032.gif, please post it here. Requirement needed: their picture, their name, and the anime they are from th_087_.gif.

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Rin Tohsaka > everyone and everything else

I agree

Rin Tohsaka is the best.

I was confused between erza,rin and kyoko ,But still I guess rin is the best and coolest for me

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Is it sad that I recognize nothing outside of Rinslet Walker and the DC names? :P I don't think any of the names listed are really that cool... And I can't think of any amazingly cool female characters off of the top of my head right now.

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Ummm... Rin Tohsaka really seems popular in her coolness, even though I just put her up on a whim to make the list a bit longer and without knowing who she raelly is efb50fe2.gif (never watched the anime... TEEHE ali_031.gif).

Seems that Officer Sato is on the lead right now 023.gif.

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