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Misaki's Art Thread

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OK, seeing how I now have my own art thread, top one is the latest, bottom one is the oldest. Enjoy~ <3

REQUEST (from AnimeGirl4Eva AKA my amazing twin~ <3) - Aoi from Kaichou wa Maid-sama:


VOCALOID - Rolling Girl:




Made for DCTP's forum game Draw It!



Love this Vocaloid song~ <3 Pay no attention to Len's chin... *whistles innocently*

Family Photos Updated and Colored:


Lia and IU joined the family, so I redrew my original picture on my tablet (this was actually one of my first drawings on my tablet, but am only posting the updated version)

design for Lia + IU © me

Literary Journal Cover Entry:


My school happens to have a Lit Journal along with a contest for the cover, so this is my entry. Won too~ <3

Embroidered Conan


Never before seen on DCW :o Made for my History class <3

Current dA ID:


I just really like it. =X Most of the songs in the background are Vocaloid songs. :P

If I were to disappear... Would anyone miss me?:


Kinda depressing picture since I seem to have a strange liking towards drawing that genre. =X



Family Photos:


Originally not on here. I'm a part of the YuriCon family (on DCTP) <3

design for Abs- © Kleene Onigiri

designs for Yuriko, Keyboard Cat & Sonoci © Sonoci

design for briggettkylie © briggetkylie

designs for Conia, Chelsea, Misaki, Luke and Sarah, Koihime and BK2 © me

Art © me

People © themselves

Bushes © Conia

Yamamura's Granny - DEAL WITH IT B):


My most successful (or at least, most responded =X) piece of art

Sera Masumi:


Seraaaaaaaa <333333

Sakura of Justice:



Top one is how it looks in my sketchpad, second one is it upside down



First Vocaloid picture. :D From Sing In The Moment

Conducting Conan:


Sorry about the pencil lines you can see >__<

KID Puppet:


Not a drawing, but I like it enough to show it here <3

File 759 redrawn by moi:




Excuse me while I go die from embarrassment from drawing this. .//////////.

Heiji Hattori:


The creases on the jeans really do look weird. =X

Gender Blender:


Shiho's Dress:


The proportionnnnnnnnnssssss DDDDDDDDDDD8

Snack Time:


Randomness 8D

APTXed Akai:


I can't draw kids OTL



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Cool! I like this one! Good job Misaki-chan! d ;) b

It's only her eye and position when she is sitting down that looks odd, but you almost got it!

I'll show you how to draw the eye in my next drawing post.

And the reason it looks odd when she is sitting down on the table is well, the table is facing to the right side, but Shiho is facing left.

You are good Misaki-chan! I don't know how to add that details (hair and folds on clothes).

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Thanks Cure-kun! I kinda screwed up on the eyes when coloring, and I suck at drawing stuff like tables, so I tried to keep it simple. As for the hair and wrinkles, as for the wrinkles, what I do is add lines in random places where needed and based the sleeve wrinkles to look a bit like Gosho's. As for the hair, I used a helper picture and sight drew it.

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@Neechan, thank you! *hugs*

@JiKudo, it's color pencil.... Does it look like crayon?

i does... lol. oh well. i dunno the difference of crayons and pencils when it comes to results. x_x my bad....

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Eyes and mouth look a little odd, but otherwise it's pretty good. :) Her position on the table is a bit awkward, almost like she's a paper doll, but I'm not sure what you can do to make it better, sorry.

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Eh, I tried. I'll get better as I go along! After all, this is the first DC pic I've ever really drawn.... I'm dunno how to improve it though... But thanks for your critic everyone! I'll be sure to keep it in mind when drawing my next picture! :)

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Aww, Mabel... *hugs* The reason I put it up here was so I could get critic. I want to improve, but my family and friends are either too nice or a bit harsh. So I felt here would be the best place! So don't feel guilty, I want critic!

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*Compares Kudo's cup cake to Ran's Huge Cake*

I'll take Kudo's Burnt(?) Cup cake. I like bitter stuff more.

Nice Drawing Misaki-chan! The eye looks even better now :D!!

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I know, I failed at the kid thing.... I just can't really draw kids.... But I tried.... But if you think about it, if APTX4869 takes off 10 years of your life, it'd make sense he'd look like a teenager. But thank you! :)

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