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  1. My bad. I somehow believed that we already know the birthdate of detective boys, Kogoro and Eri. That's why I find it weird that we don't know about Ai's since she is an important character.
  2. Hello. I was wondering for sometime about the reason her birthdate was stated to be unknown in Conan Drill book. If I remember correctly Ran's birthday is also unknown but I read in an interview that the author has a reason that keeps him from revealing Ran's birthday for the time being. So how about Haibara? is it the same case as Ran?Was he never asked about her birthday in any of his interviews?
  3. I totally forgot about this case and I believe that it was the only possible way for Kid to know about the stun-gun. there are more things I didn't understand but those questions are all I can remember now.
  4. there is something else bothering me. conan found out that "0858" are the first four number of the BOSS phone number(the area code of tottori prefecture) but why did he say "this 0858 might be the mail address of the boss that commands those guys" I have never heard of something like this,I can not see any relation between the phone number of someone and his mail address. after all there is no only digits mail address. or maybe I'm just bad at english that I misunderstand it.
  5. 2-Kid didn't realize that Conan was aiming at him,he jump of the helicopter to save the fallen old woman,after that the old woman told him that the little boy was aiming at him using a wristwatch but she didn't mentionned that the wristwatch was a stun-gun(she didn't know).
  6. Hello everybody. I watched only the first 365 episode(I don't read the manga) and actually I cannot understand two things: 1-In the end of episode 345(2 hours special) when conan was kidnapped by Vermouth he was talking about finding out the BOSS informations just by recording the phone's sound,is that really feasible and how exactly? 2-In the end of episode 356(1 hour special) when conan and Kid were together on a bike, Kid said " are you going to shoot me with your Stun-Gun Wristwatch?" it seems that Kid already knows about conan's Wristwatch and I was just wondering if I missed an episode or something. thanks and sorry if i made mistakes,english isn't my native language.
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