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  1. @CaledonianNews @AskGCU for dissertations have heard somewhere that their project need to be binded as books anywhere that can do this

  2. I know u can get fan art but does anyone know online where to read fan manga as i saw some images on facebook and other online sources
  3. what anime episode or manga file do we see ran or someone else thinking that conan and shinchi are two different people we see a scene where someone is thinking or sequence that conan meets shinchi and the two are different and meet each other would like to know
  4. what is the manga file for upcoming ep 669 also why is the anime out of sync from the managa why not is order of the managa file
  5. (manga spoilers!) After reading file 793-795 ep 667-668 there is one scene where ran get amazed by how good DNA analyzed is and tell conan that no matter how much a person hides and fools everyone they can be caught by a complete DNA analysis so after reading that why don;t they do it on conan maybe for RAN sake Like during the night or one day when he is not looking she could take a sample of conan DNA like hair sample, etc then compair it with shinchi then she could find out why not do it
  6. I know the finally is a long way off but i am getting frustrated that conan (shinchi) is unable to take another antidote since hariba as a full case of them now i want him to take another pill at least just to get his body back for temp or for at least for a few chapters would like to see him again in his old body
  7. 01jtiong

    Ep 667

    as ep 667 is on this weekend does anyone know what manga chapter its taken from as forgotten
  8. can anyone tell me who is the girl that seems to take a fancy to shinchi at the start and at then end one would assume the same girl but shrunk like shinchi
  9. Here is the opening 34 My link not bad but could been better
  10. in the file we see Ai having an anditdote to aptxn but why conan didn't take one I hope we see him take the drug and return to his normal body just for this file would be cool to see him again
  11. As ep 652 airs next week can we assume that the new april spring season is upon us so a new opening will come with the new episode does anyone have any news on this would like to know
  12. Everytime the topic of her and shinichi as a couple or everytime she hears that sonoko says that her husband or married or anything related to this matter she denies it which annoys me why can't she accept it or face truth to it
  13. as april is fast approaching and we just had and 1hr special and next week is a remastered episode who thinks that the episode the week after will come with a new opening As april means spring so does a new opening any news on this
  14. what do u mean by ending in chaos, fanservice, and terrible writing, if its people who work in DC then asking us what we want, then they will try their best to make up something good they could do a poll of such and the top 5 requests would make it in the OVA or top 3 or 5 as only got 30mins to play with or something along those lines
  15. here is a an idea for an OVA that they could do if they wanted, I know the gosho ayoma is invovled in the manag and movies so this idea won't work for that But for a future OVA they could ask the fans/nerds/geeks etc and ask them what they want in a future OVA ask us what idea or possible scenes that we want to see some people have already suggested that they want kudo shinchi summer story were we see how he learned how to use a firearm and learned how to fly a helicopter, drive a car etc what scenes if such thing came true would like to see
  16. they will get married and finally become a couple and attend university together and more crimes will happen as thats how the story will go
  17. if they do announce such news they could at least announce a yr they don't have to be exact just tell us the yr so we know roughly when it will end
  18. When do news detective conan managa vol get released in japan when do new ones get released/published
  19. doctor who and detective conan for those who watch doctor who like myself can make the comparison both have female assistant both make deductions both are similar also there are line not big ones just small ones like ran says in the managa when sera is introduced and towards the end of the story she says shinchi wouldn't let these people die, when the sniper is about to make aim doctor who has that as well do u think the two are comparable and similar
  20. ever since the london arc cases and the scene of shinchi confessed in front of big ben on london how many of us either who have read or watch those scenes and have copied those line to confess to those we love anyone took the person you love in front of big ben and confess and tell her like shinchi or at least do it in front of big ben
  21. I am doing the same as well
  22. As the finale is already into written how long untill we see it in manga form Also when will someone come out and tell us when the series will end, they don't don't have to be exact or anything just a year at least the finale will be out in that yr
  23. here is what I thought since DC OVA are light hearted and not part of the main plot, they could do something like this: Professor agasa finally invents time travel but only at testing stage, young shinchi come in and tries out the machine and goes back in time to prevent himself from going off and investigating the black organsiation thus the story continues after the young shinchi tell himself not to go off and we see what happens when the past is altered and we see that shinchi finally confesses to ran as conan told himm everything and stuff happens then on would you like to see a time travel story I know we had one in OVA 10 stranger in the future but this one is time travel in the past, I would love to see and I am sure the fans and nerds/geeks would like as well
  24. 01jtiong

    Ran's clothes

    has anyone notice the style of clothes she wears apart from her school uniform she wears either clothes that suit her other times her dress sense doesn't suit her who design her clothes anyway, I like of most what she wears and I think girls should see what she wears to get ideas but in general her dress sense is either good or bad
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