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    I have a feeling I'm going to be here for a long time.
  2. kkslider5552000

    Movie 13: The Raven Chaser

    I'm sorry that you hate fun.
  3. OH NOE! Another DCTP member!

  4. kkslider5552000

    Movie 13: The Raven Chaser

    It amuses me that some people don't like this movie yet love 5, which is the same movie except 13 has 1. no OOC Haibara 2. more B.O. 3. a more interesting mystery 4. references to other cases so that it feels like a continuation of stories (even if it kinda isn't) instead of a random non-canon movie 5. YAMAMURA-KEIBU
  5. kkslider5552000

    When will Detective Conan end?

    2017. I guarantee it.
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    I'm a blatant Nintendo fan, I enjoy out of nowhere random parodies and single sentences to turn most discussions into a punchline. Beyond that I am just me I guess?
  7. kkslider5552000

    Post your top 5 Animes (and why)!

    1. Detective Conan: Just for being this good, this intriguing, this consistent for this long without almost ever boring me is all the explanation I need (and any other explanation is just explaining what you already know). 2. Haruhi: Unbelieveable writing for both comedy and drama. It's like a love letter for anime with both an insanely well crafted story and parodies all combined into something amazing. 3. One Piece: The new Dragonball, it does fighting shonen better than anything. The adventures, the worlds, the characters, all so distinct and fun and memorable. And it always seems to improve and always seems to move forward. 4. Welcome to the NHK!: You will never find such real characters in anime, I guarantee it. If you've ever had social problems or even known anyone who has, it will make you laugh, then cry, then both at the same time. 5. Depends...but I'll say Naruto. Just for keeping me interested since 2005 and for truly creating this world you will never mix up with the world of any other anime. It's pretty much the FFX of anime. You either love it or hate it, but regardless, you probably remember it well.
  8. kkslider5552000

    Card Games becaome the Law

    I'm in despair. People thinking these jokes are funny has left me in despair!
  9. kkslider5552000

    Favorite AO Episodes

    The recent 3 part one was amazingly well done, and honestly, would be above the average quality even at the anime's peak. I love tricks that seem absurd but I can believe could work anyway.
  10. kkslider5552000


    Ok, I'm here to make my grand entrance into this new, awesome Conan forum. It's going to be so awesome and I think I'm going to enjoy myself here.