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  1. Akemi Tsuki Miyano

    10 Years Later

    10 years later, I hope I'll have succeeded in my studies and am officially working as a translator. But I can't think of any other plans haha
  2. Akemi Tsuki Miyano

    What Was the Last Food You Ate?

    (deep voice) eggs
  3. Akemi Tsuki Miyano

    Kaito Kid Final Showdown with Black Organization?

    I'd rather not see Kid showing up for the final showdown, I didn't really like how he kinda "interfered" with the mystery train case...so yeah, I do hope it won't be the same thing with the final showdown since Kid isn't even a "DC character" in the first place (even though he's becoming more and more involved in it). Like MacGuffin said, it's okay if he shows up before but the final showdown should only have the main - main characters, in my opinion.
  4. Akemi Tsuki Miyano

    Black Organization Coming

    You're right, I'm waiting for that too D: It would be so cool if we knew a bit more about them, even if it has to be a tiny bit of their history. It would be cool if Shiho was involved in the flashback too. Most of the flashbacks 'till now were about Akemi after all.
  5. Yeah! Hope so too.

    Seeya~ :3

  6. Alright. Hopefully I can get on tomorrow! D:

  7. Yeah, sorry D8 f*beeep* time zones. I'll be back in..eer...about 18 hours *dies*

  8. Oh... That stinks. Well, good night! Talk to you later