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  1. I want you to hit me as hard as you can.

  2. Hey everyone out there! I'm around and all. I'll be stopping by almost all the time now.

  3. I lol'd heartilly at the pics. It's all so funny and yet so wrong. Caption for this pic: Girls like guys with great skills...
  4. This thread needs a good contribution, so I'll give it a shot. I think the subtitle works as well as any.
  5. Hey man that's cool.

    Sorry for the late reply. I forgot about this place for some reason.

  6. OMGG, cute profile picc~~

    negi is so cool~ >.<

    i love negima too~ ^.^

  7. Hello guys. I am a fan of Negima and Detective Conan and just found this forum. I'm glad to be part of a forum where I can talk about this great manga and anime, while getting to know some of you. There's a Negi here already, so a special hello to you. You beat me to the name, but that's ok. I use Negi for almost everything these days it's nuts. Looking forward to posting here~
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