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  1. Really? What was it again? Sorry I forgot xD

  2. what you send to me was really awesome.. i like it. thanks...

  3. Oh Hi ! I'm good =D

    How are you?

  4. I'm glad you are shinran fan...

  5. so boring.... don't know what to do today...

  6. what will happen in the end of DC??

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    2. Aeyra


      Shinichi and Ran will be together forever. They will have a kid named Conan Kudo! (at least, that's what I want!)

    3. shinichilovessran


      shinichi and ran will live happily ever after,, :) but for now, i don't want DC to end.. :)

    4. shinran91


      i want shinichi and ran live happily together.. i don't like sad ending..

  7. shinran91

    The Leap

    i like it when you say "NOT EVEN DEATH CAN SEPARATE SHINICHI AND RAN!".. not bad.. not bad at all...
  8. how much love shinichi have for ran??

  9. YAY! ShinRan! Hi there! =DD

  10. shinran91

    Shinichi's confession to Ran

    i love that chapter too..i hope they will always be together..sorry Ai....
  11. shinichi and ran forever...

  12. shinran91

    When will Detective Conan end?

    i want it end too.. but it should be a very happy ending. i don't want shinichi and ran separated..