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  1. Yes that's true. I bought the magazine in the afternoon (so after posting this message).
  2. Kazu

    Ran Mori

    You should read the topic before posting. We already answered that point. AOYAMA DIDN'T DECIDE IT.
  3. He's not missing. I was talking with Gosho's assistant on Twitter on March 13th and he said he couldn't go out of the studio because there was some troubles with the elevator of the building after the quake. But Gosho was there too et everybody continued to work or to sleep when they didn't have electricity. Anyway, we still have new files everyweek so, no he's not missing. But anyway, it seems there is a new interview from Gosho this months in a japanese magazine. I didn't read it but if what I found about it is true, Gosho said he plans to retire when he will be 52 (that means in 2015) and he told about an happy end. So that means we still have hope to read the end of the story.
  4. I don't remember reading this information. Can you tell me in which interview or Data book or website you found it? Thank's for your help.
  5. I have shared the same idea about 8 years ago for similar points that Karan told. But I already realized that Gosho doesn't be so logical about all the small details in the manga. And especially humoristic details like the swimsuit guessing game can't be interpreted in that way. When you said Kazuha read Heiji's mobile message on volume 42, she never told about it twice until now. So I don't think that would be important. There are a lot of important characters in DC and Kazuha isn't one of them. She won't take part in the final stage of the plot. She's just an element of the romantic plot of DC and she is just a foil for Heiji's character. Nothing else. Even if we know (from Heiji) she's far from stupid, that doesn't mean Gosho would want to develop this part of this character. After all, when the fans insisted to know about her mother, Gosho solved the point in one sentence in the volume 59.
  6. Yes he did. Volume 38, end of the volume. Volume 47, in the Magic Show file, when Kazuha grabs his arm. When he is blushing when he is talking about Kudo it's because he's exciting about the fact he will be able to solve a plot or another mystery or talk about it. I've never seen any case of Heiji blushing for Kudo's HIMSELF. Anyway, you may love Boys Love Couplings. That's your choice. But you can't find any evidence of "Heiji's love interest" for Kudo. But because I'm writing a big file about Hattori and romance, if you have some examples of fan service scenes between Kudo and Heiji, I would be glad you could tell me them. I noticed a lot of them but I'm not a BL fan so I may have missed some. Thanks for your help.
  7. Ha ha ha... don't underestimate the power of Boys Love! Especially in Japan ..... T___T
  8. Why would she? That wouldn't give anything new to the plot. Kazuha isn't a main character after all.
  9. He doesn't have time to sleep enough so there is no chance for that XD Source: Conan Drill and other Gosho's interviews.
  10. I don't think there is any fair use system in Japan. For what I know there is only fair use system in English spoken countries. But I'm definitely not a specialist in law so I wouldn't say something wrong. Thank you for your explanations.
  11. I know the Shogakukan's new directives are not a law. And I also consider the part you just explained in your last post Chekhov. I just don't know how far they want to go with these directives. But anyway, I heard there are some fanart copyright problem even in the USA about Disney's art. Some websites were closed because children draw a fanart of Disney characters. It also happened to a friend of mine in Japan about Disney. She's far to be a good artist. Her pictures looked like a 5 years old child drawing. But she had to close her site because of the copyrights.
  12. Oh Ok. ^^; Sorry I don't master english very well so I don't get the jokes everytimes.
  13. Yeah I know sankaku complex doesn't always says true things. But I read the japanese page so I can tell you that's not a lie. And I'm sorry about your key word Mohorovicic, but I don't get what you mean exactly. The policy will be applied in April in Tokyo. I don't think the law was canceled. I never heard about it.
  14. Yeah but you know there is a new censorship policy in Tokyo: http://www.japanprobe.com/2010/12/12/tokyo-tries-to-ban-harmful-anime-manga/ Thanks M. Ishihara... I'm pretty there will be some bad results on the japanese fandom. But this new directives from Shogakukan, I don't know if they be related or not to the censorship policy. But anyway, that just sounds not good at all... that's my opinion.
  15. Just in case you don't know it on FF.net, you can read that: I don't know why they couldn't forbid you to post fanfics if they receive orders from Shogakukan publishers. Actually the copyrights law are different in every countries. So even if I don't really understand their purpose with these directive, I think you should just think a little about it. I'm especially concerned about the japanese fandom. And next, maybe the chinese and the english fandom. I really don't know far they can apply these directives. But I know a lot of websites which posted raw manga chapters were closed last year because some manga publishers asked for it. They can do it. That's why I wanted to know your opinion about this point.
  16. I don't really where to post that but I think this is something quite important. Please move this thread somewhere else if I didn't post in the right forum. Have you read this information about Shogakukan's new directives? http://www.sankakucomplex.com/2011/03/29/shogakukan-bans-fan-art/ What do you think about it? It seems this new directives will affect all the international web sites. People should be informed about it don't you think?
  17. Actually how could they evacuate the french citizens? In Tokyo it's impossible to book a bus or a train for another part of the country and my friends told me Narita airport is closed. And what about people who LIVE in Japan. Do you imagine it's easy to run away with your job, family and friends behind you? people can't leave their job so easily anyway.
  18. Gosho is alive, yes. there are many messages on Twitter or anywhere else about it. He also said that: No problem he could finish the files even if there were the earthquake. The new character is very important and he gave his name but I'm not sure of the pronunciation: 『世良』
  19. There may be another earthquake magnitude 7 this week in northeast Japan (probability is about 70% the 14th and 15th and 50% the 16th). The french ambassy asked french people to move in the west or the south of Japan if they can.
  20. Morning everybody. It seems that my friends living in Japan are fine but one of my friend lives in Iwate prefecture (next to Miyagi prefecture) and nobody can contact him. We just hope it's because he doesn't have electricity anymore. But the night should have been long for people living there...
  21. And more than 200 corpses were found on a beach in (or near) Sendai... and the number of victims won't stop for a few days...
  22. I'm fine. Only magnitude 3 in Osaka. I hope the other members are fine too. It was very hard in the north.
  23. I totally agree but most of the people just don't know how to explain what they think. If you have an opinion or even just a favorite coupling, there always is a good reason for that. That may be a very personal reason, but there IS a reason. I also think there are a lot of fan-service scenes in DC for a lot of different couplings. I don't see all of them so I would like people to give me some examples about them. But it's really hard to do because very few people help. In my opinion, if you wann know what will REALLY happen in the manga, you should read the author interviews. If you just wanna focus on your fav. couplings, you don't have to debate. Everybody is free to love what they want. In my case, I would like to know/understand more about the other DC shippings. It's a kind of study on the DC fandom (but don't take the word "study" too seriously). I try to understand the differences between the japanese and occidental fandom, and also the differences between the fans of different couplings. That should sounds a strange hobby but I like it. XD
  24. Kazu

    [Romance] Conan x Ai ?

    Can you explain it so? It's not a theory if you just answer Yes/No. I'm REALLY interested in what CoxAi fans see in this coupling. But I'm really disappointed that nobody can explain me what they see/why they love this coupling. There should be some reasons. So what is your theory that make you deny the will of Gosho?
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