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    Hi! This is a whodunit game. I'll first tell the case then anyone who answers the correct one will tell the next case(whodunit). Easy, right? Okay, I'll start... On a particular Sunday, a murder occurred at 6 in the morning! Somewhere over there lies a huge mansion, where a rich man lives. A scream was heard! Soon it was found that the rich man was dead in his bed with a knife plunged into his heart. Who is the murderer? One of these is the murderer... Suspects Wife = she is the rich man's wife. Excuse = I found him dead when I woke up! Butler Excuse = I was fixing the roof. Maid Excuse = I was out mailing in the post office. Cook Excuse = I was at the kitchen, cooking breakfast. Gardener Excuse = I was at the garden, trimming the plants. Who is the murderer? Easy, isn't it...
  2. Orangeburst

    Japanese Classroom

    Thank you very much!!! I do appreciate it. Thank you! :-D
  3. Orangeburst

    Japanese Classroom

    Hi! Uhm, could you help me translate this into Japanese, please? The word is The Psalmist Thank you very much!!!
  4. Oh, so it's your birthday. Happy Birthday!

  5. Orangeburst

    Blue Shirt Day on February 22, 2012!!!

    Hi there! I just want to tell you all to please wear a blue shirt on February 22, 2012. Any shade of blue will do!!! So please mark your calendars!!! Now, you must tell all your friends to also wear a blue shirt on that day. Also, tell them to do the same(to tell their friends). My friend sent me an email about this and she wants it to be written in history( and who knows, this might also reach the news!).
  6. Ah, that's why. Alright, see you around!

    Happy Blue Shirt Day!

  7. Orangeburst

    Blue Shirt Day on February 22, 2012!!!

    +1 for all of you who wore blue shirts today!!!!
  8. Huh? You don't like Shinichi/Conan???

    How about Gaara? And Hinata?

  9. I see. Hmmm...Naruto's not one of your favorites?

  10. Orangeburst

    Blue Shirt Day on February 22, 2012!!!

    Hi there! Happy Blue Shirt Day!!! I'm wearing a dark blue shirt right now...
  11. Who are your favorite characters is Naruto? Curious...

  12. Well, it has been a long time I haven't change my profile pic and avatar. Why? Is there something about it?

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    Blue Shirt Day on February 22, 2012!!!

    Well, my fave is yellow! Then comes blue(all shades)...then green(prefers light ones).
  14. Orangeburst

    Who here is a Naruto or Naruto Shippuden fan

    Well, I got addicted to it so I am diciplining myself that I can't watch it anymore. (^__^) Plus, something offended me about the story( the same with what happened about DC to me...so I just wait for the end!).
  15. Orangeburst

    How Do You Know When a Guy likes You???

    Well, I love my mom. Sometimes I don't understand her, but I kept on telling myself "Do I understand her?" Try putting yourself in her shoe. Well, that's completely normal. I mean, my mom freaked out too when a guy courted my older sis. You should earn your mom's complete trust like obey her, respect her, and love her unconditionally(now THIS is really hard...I am still struggling to complete this mission). She has those experiences from her teenage years too. And also try your best not to yell at your mom or dad(I already promised my father that I won't yell at him ever again...I never yelled at my mom and I said to myself that I will never yell at her...yeah, another hard mission). It grieves your parents when you yell at them(that's what my father said directly to me). Plus, I'm also telling all of this to myself. =) Well, maybe those women didn't actually excercise the innocence and purity qualities(these qualities includes the time when one thinks no body is watching him/her). But women who kept their purity and innocence are blessed greatly and openly. (^___^) They have nothing to be ashamed of/ nothing to hide from anyone. Isn't that great?
  16. I see. Well, keep up the good work! (^___^)

    See you around!

  17. Well, I saw in your profile that you're most active in Drawings...(^___^)

  18. Hi!

    Uhm, no...I don't really like to draw. But I do enjoy reading and writing...do you? I can see that you like to draw....=)

  19. Orangeburst

    Who's your favorite character on Naruto? And why?

    These are my favorite characters: 1.Gaara ~ I just really like him. He's quiet(totally my type). And his childhood story is so sad... 2.Naruto ~ I can't just ignore the main character! But I only like him when he inspires. 3.Kakashi sensei ~ only when he's cool...I hate his craziness over Jiraya's books 4.Sai ~ He's hilarious...especially when he joined the Team Kakashi and he has to read books to know how to be friends with people!!!! Plus, he's quiet. Girls 1. Hinata ~ she's the prettiest!!!!!!!! And she's a quiet-type...like me!!!ahahaha 2. Temari ~ I like her huge fan!!! 3. Sakura ~ though I don't like most of her personality...she easily cries...like me 4. Tenten ~ Many people often don't notice her...why??? I like her abilities.
  20. Orangeburst

    Who here is a Naruto or Naruto Shippuden fan

    Hi! I used to watch the anime...never read the manga though... But now I just read in some sites of what's new...I'm kinda not allowed to watch. My favorite characters are: Gaara Naruto Kakashi-sensei Sai Rock Lee AND Hinata(SHE'S SUPER AWESOME!!! AND SHE'S SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!)
  21. Orangeburst

    How Do You Know When a Guy likes You???

    Hi there! I don't know if someone has already posted something like this but anyway, I'll post. These are based on my experiences and observation... Quiet-types: Girls - just waiting for the guy to notice them - not telling anyone who they like (maybe only their best friends) Guys - only stares or glance at the girl when he thinks she is not looking(but some girls notice the looks...especially if the girl notices/admires him) - when the girl's around him, he rarely talks to his close friends(maybe too shy to talk) - some tries to do anything that would make a girl notice him - he is more comfortable telling/showing the girl that he likes her by writing - some feel uneasy when the girl's around, so he usually gets far from her Quite talkative: Girls - tells the guy that she likes him - will do anything that will make the guy notice her - and lots more... :mrgreen: Guys - mostly, he tells the girl that he likes her - always gets near the girl - their actions toward the girl is so obvious that people around know that he likes her - and more...people wrote it in previous pages Note: Both quiet-typed and quite talkative guys LOVE to tease the girl they like. Sometimes they even make the girl cry. To vawli: Well, I read this(below)from a story that says something like your topic. The average guy will date a lot of girls, but he really cares for only half the girls he like. So just stick to what your parents say...you know, you can start dating at 18(my parents say that I can start that after I finish college...but they allow my older sister and me to be JUST friends with guys.)...anyway, they know the best and they love you very much so they want the best for you. Yes, this is a hard task, but be patient...the right guy will come too. Also, those kinds of relationships are serious...and the greatest gifts you can give your future life partner is your purity and innocence. Also, don't be toooooo obsessed with the boys-stuff. Don't make them your priority 'cause if you do, you would be miserable. Just focus first on your studies...the right guy will just follow...be patient. I also once have thought that guys are like my life...but I was wrong. Lastly, if you like someone and has really serious questions...it's best if you tell it to your mom. Moms are the best advisors and keepers of secrets!!!! You can also tell your best friends, but adults have more experience and they give the best advices. Oh, yeah...uhm, also it's really good to have someone with you(like your best friend) every time the guy is around. Hope that helps...
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    Blue Shirt Day on February 22, 2012!!!

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    Japanese Chatroom for Beginners!

    Konnichiwa! Watashi wa Orangeburst desu! Yoroshiku onegai shimasu...