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  1. DetectiveFox21

    Case Closed on Wii

    It's too bad we might never get this game. We never get most anime games except for you know,Naruto and DBZ.
  2. DetectiveFox21

    Vote your Favorite Movie!

    I cant just pick one movie since I have a few favorites. The Timed Bomb Skyscrapper Captured in Her eyes Countdown to Heaven Strategy above the Depth The Private eye's Requiem Jolly Roger and the Deep Azure The Lost ship in the Sky These are my favorites.
  3. DetectiveFox21

    Movie 14: Lost Ship in the Sky

    I didnt think the plot in Movie 14 was ridiculous. I mean,it could of been a lot worst. I found the plot to be allright.
  4. I know right. I thought this movie was going to be disappointing but it turned out really well...interesting scenes a couple of good twists.

  5. DetectiveFox21

    Movie 14 is out, folks!

    This Movie was allright. Wasnt as bad as I thought. Really enjoyed it.
  6. Wow. Movie 14 wasnt as bad as I thought it'd be. It was pretty good.

  7. DetectiveFox21

    Movie 14 is out, folks!

    Awesome. Been waiting for this movie.
  8. DetectiveFox21

    Eri knowing Conan's identity

    If Eri would to find out,I'd think she would keep Conan's secret a secret mostly because of the fact he's been helping her husband become a more well known detective despite the fact he's incompentent at it.
  9. DetectiveFox21

    What will happen to Miyano Shiho/Haibara Ai?

    What I think will happen is Ai is gonna remain as a child and re-grow up again since she has friends now and the Professor. I dont think she's gonna return to being Shiho after everything she went through when she was in her original body. She might end up with Mitch in terms of who she's gonna be paired with(despite not liking that couple at all). This is what I think will happen.
  10. DetectiveFox21

    informations about M15

    Yeah. Movie 11 is for sure better then Movie 12.
  11. DetectiveFox21

    informations about M15

    Yeah,it is. I actually liked Movie 11. It's one of my favorites. But how was Movie 11 bad that Movie 14 had to be compared to it?
  12. DetectiveFox21

    informations about M15

    Really? I heard it was over 2 hours.
  13. DetectiveFox21

    informations about M15

    There's gonna be a 15th movie? I'm not surprised but really? I hope it wont be over 2 hours like the 14th movie was.
  14. DetectiveFox21

    Who has read or is reading the manga?

    Sure thing. I'll keep that in mind.