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  1. well, in China almost all my classmates love it so it seems to be a common habit for us~~~ I don't think DC is childish. I find love, friendship, justice and so on in it and the idea of the story(shinchi become conan)is really fantastic. I think that those who gets teased needn't feel bad~if it is worth doing, we shouldn't care about what others think of us.Do you think so? :-D
  2. Could you tell me why can't I see the videos?
  3. I can't agree more! Though I don't understand Japanese, it sounds best, probably it's more natural.
  4. Hi there! I'm a new member of DC world! I'm a Chinese! Nice to meet all of you. Well in China the film will not be seen until Octorber!! What a pity!!! But some people who have been to Japan and watched the film told the fans that Kaito and Ran was just a joke~~ Did you see it? Is it good?
  5. Thanks a lot. Probably that's the reason. Well, I think this detective story is quite awesome and has its special point~~~What if it was popular among the world~~haha In China, most of us see the Japanese version with Chinese captions, on the one hand, I don't know why we only dub about 100 episodes; on the other hand, Japanses sounds better(proabably it sounds more natural) .So what version do you see, the Japanese one or English one? I've watched English version of Captured in her eyes, I found that the name of the characters have been changed, it was strange~~ Anyway it's good! Besides, may I ask you why can't I see the video of DC in this website? Thanks!
  6. Hi there. I found this website by accident and I was excitied! I'm a Chinese girl. In China, a lot of students like Detective Conan, but when I went to the States as an exchange student in our school, I found that not many teenagers there knew it. I was quite surprised that you guys love it and we are all fans of Conan though we have different nationalities. I hope to share my idea with all of you and I really want to know Conan this wonderful cartoon in your heart. Nice to meet all of you!
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