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  1. Shinichi-niichan & Kaitō-niichan!~~ P/S: I don’t really like the lemon & yaoi fanfic kind and thing though, sorry lemon & yaoi fans, I disappointed you guys.
  2. Well, I fell sorry for you. I like the dubbed episodes in English, there’s no denying, but I think Subtitles are better. You get to learn Japanese, ya know? Plus, the Japanese voice sounds sooooo good. Not being bias, but,... honestly it’s sounds really great. Unfortunately, there are no many websites that have it subbed, sooooo,... yeah... sorry ‘bout that. Am I being an idiot?
  3. Hyoue Kuroda, cuz, well, if you read Vol. 97, you’ll understand. Or just,... read the spoilers for the next volume at the end of Vol.96
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