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  1. I used to travel a lot and I can certainly say that first thing you see in the new place - is airport ( when you come there by plane ofcourse). Wich one is best for you and why?
  2. mariopepper

    Explain your username

    It's my real name Mario Pepperini
  3. mariopepper

    travel thread

    I adore travelling by Europe
  4. mariopepper

    Any hunters here?

    Yes he is right. If you know info about binoculars you should remember that there are a lot of different brands: for hunting, for watching, underwater binoculars. Perrini is a good option but not for that. I recommend you to check reviews about hunting models https://opticzoo.com/best-hunting-binoculars-under-100-reviews/
  5. mariopepper

    How can I boost game lvl?

    I used to play destiny 2. I like playing this game a lot and I also would like to boost lvl up. Is there any way to do it legal?
  6. mariopepper

    How can I protect my privacy?

    Maybe using high-quality vpn or proxy-app can help avoid such a problems. I use Veepn for about 2 years and I am sure in my pricacy protection. The main advice for those who want to keep themself safety is not to to forget about possible consiquences..
  7. mariopepper

    What is your Favorite Light Novels?

    I don't like light novels at all. It's too boring for me
  8. mariopepper

    Apps and Games

    WOW is the best!