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  1. mariopepper

    Apps and Games

    I spend most of my life playing games and I've tried a lot of different games, including pc games, playstation, xbox and wven virtual reality. But the most interestinf was playing games with augmented reality, it seemed to me like a totally different world. Amazing emotions. Since then I prefer playing ar games and even testing new games with ar open source.
  2. mariopepper

    web developing

    I guess it depends on your purpose and budget. If you need high-quality app it probably will cost a lot.
  3. I used to travel a lot and I can certainly say that first thing you see in the new place - is airport ( when you come there by plane ofcourse). Wich one is best for you and why?
  4. mariopepper

    Explain your username

    It's my real name Mario Pepperini
  5. mariopepper

    travel thread

    I adore travelling by Europe
  6. mariopepper

    How can I boost game lvl?

    I used to play destiny 2. I like playing this game a lot and I also would like to boost lvl up. Is there any way to do it legal?
  7. mariopepper

    What is your Favorite Light Novels?

    I don't like light novels at all. It's too boring for me
  8. mariopepper

    Apps and Games

    WOW is the best!