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    I'd love to visit the Dominican Republic someday! it looks so stunning!! I honestly wish I could travel everywhere, I'd love to go abroad more. Just over a year ago I went to Fuerteventura (one of the Canary Islands) and it is so beautiful. They have really nice beaches and the weather was so lovely even in December, and the island is small so you can easily visit different parts. Last June I also visited a friend in Sweden, and we stayed in a cabin in the forest on an island called Orust. It was so nice because there was a lake nearby which we swam in, and it felt so good to get away from the city. I've also been to Lebanon multiple times as it is my home country haha (it's very hot in the summer though!). What kind of places do you like to visit? Cities, countrysides, or more tropical areas? I'd love to know!
  2. -farah

    Favorite Opening or Ending?

    Feel Your Heart and Nazo are both so sentimental to me, I just feel really nostalgic listening to them (when they redid Nazo for opening 41 i shed a tear ngl). I like a lot of the music by Mai Kuraki, especially Revive it's a banger. Butterfly core was also one of my faves. Honestly I really like most of the openings it's so difficult to choose. In regards to endings, I never listened to a lot to be completely honest because I binged the series so I'd usually just move to the next episode or skip over to the post credits scene but the few I genuinely enjoyed were (again) the Mai Kuraki ones such as Koi Ni Koishite and Your Best Friend, and I do really like the current ending, Aozolighter.