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  1. ObsGryphon

    What was in Miyano Akemi's P. S.?

    So true, they're cousins. I wonder how Shiho would react when she learns she has relatives so near.
  2. ObsGryphon

    Finances + Helping DCW :)

    Can you give me the link please?
  3. ObsGryphon

    What's on Your Mind?

    Trying to figure out how to catch up on the Conan movies. Dang Amazon doesn't carry the newer titles and I'm so behind on the manga. I used to buy them off bookstores but the nearest has closed but now I've to order from Amazon and they're behind too in the manga. Alright, at least they are available in Amazon. *sigh*
  4. ObsGryphon

    Who should Ai end up with at the end of DC

    I'm late to this but late is better than never. I don't ship Shiho / Haibara with Shinichi, Mitsuhicho or anyone at the moment. For one, she's a smart, cynical, introvert and practical young lady. She knows very well of Shinichi's intense feelings for Ran. Mitsuhicho is not on par with her. Her interest in others like Higo or Ichikawa Ebizo are just fan regard. I'm fine if she doesn't find that someone. If she does, the author would have to introduce a person who can empathise with her and associate with her regularly in order to build up that relationship. It can't come out of the blue. @Lambrusco, that is a good candidate. However, I don't see her willing to meet him since the last "encounter" on the train. She actively avoids meeting him in one of the later eps. There is no gaurantee he wouldn't scoop her up and put her under arrest with his other association.
  5. ObsGryphon

    Finances + Helping DCW :)

    Do you guys still need funds?
  6. ObsGryphon

    New here

    Hi, new here. Been following DC since the 90s when the manga first appeared. Due to RL, I had to stop following the manga for nearly a decade, I've recently started coming back to DC. It's pretty hard playing catch up. The closest bookstore is closed and I'm finding it hard to backtrack on the manga so I ended up searching Amazon. I doubt I can get the movies I missed too or even get the anime on discs. Fortunately, I'm able to view some eps due to kind souls who uploaded English subbed DC to YT.