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  1. The movie doesn't load for me on https://www4.9anime.is/watch/detective-conan-movie-22-zeros-executioner.l0rm Oh well, guess I'll have to wait
  2. Yeahhhhhh, made this abomination of Kaito, Kogoro and Rainbow Dash (MLP)
  3. I was bored so I traced a part from The Eleventh Striker
  4. Some old art of Conan... Geez I feel so horrible XD
  5. Hey, whoever's reading this. So, my name is Rin(Not real name lol), and I got into Detective Conan from my mother, I was surprised at how cool it was and started watching more often. At one point I remembered that I had great thinking skills and very logical reasoning, so I had created a mini squad with my friends to start to solve mini cases. My favorite character is Conan, and yeah if you haven't noticed already I'm a female. Anyways, take a kaito gif :3
  6. Couldn't get it to work (Maybe???) Click here
  7. Like Everyone else, I'm gonna put my art here. https://plus.google.com/+EspylveonNexus -> G+ https://akira-chan21.deviantart.com ->DA
  8. I've heard from somewhere that Kimi Ga Ireba was supposed to be the first opening(or something like that), but something happened I guess. I don't remember exactly, so I might be wrong
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