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  1. Hello Mary, it's been a while so how are you?Thank you for your care but I'm OK and didn't suffer any damage personally.It seems like it was the Tsunami rather than the earthquake itself that caused lots of trouble.I guess Chile is the same as Japan.We have to prepared anytime for earthquakes. Take care!

  2. Ah not snuck but snack..my mistake..

  3. Oh that's OK. kochira he/e douzo ->http://charlotte1224.deviantart.com/

    I'm still new in dA and there's little being stored in my dA page.

    BTW my user name is Charlotte[from an chololate snuck's brand name]1224[my birthday date] DS had already been used by someone--

  4. Thanks for the Haibara art! That's pretty cool!

    Yes it's a holiday but there's so much work to be done *_*

    Btw, I visited and liked the dA community so got my dA account.

  5. Oh, characters were over?

    I tried to say it's really great that you have created this website.

  6. That's great. As for me I'm fine but have so much work to do *_* And I live in Kanazawa City. http://www.kanazawa-tourism.com/eng/photo/photo1_1.php Here you can see a lot of photos of this city so take a look at them when you have time ^_^

    Sadly I have no DC fans around me. That's why I'm here to discuss and have fun with other fans. So it's really reat that you create...

  7. Hi, Maurice! How are you doing?

    I recently began to be active here again.

    And I added you to my friends list. Hope you like it.

  8. Hi Kaoko^^, how are you doing?

    My exams are over! though I have two more essays to submit.

    And as of the AiSaguru paring I've left a comment on the topic you created. So take a look at it.

    seems like the daviant art is interesting. I'll go browse it later.

  9. Hi RJB. Are you doing good?

  10. Your Japanese is good.^^tottemo jyouzu dane!

    You asked me if I have a dA plofile but what's dA plofile? I've never heared of that.

  11. Hi, how are you doing? and thank you for your comment!

    I actually wanted to post and participate the forum but had a lot of things on my mind and...

    so I just came here when I got a notification e-mail or I'm feeling good.

    But I still love DC and this forum is really comfortable to me.

    I think I'll start posting here again.

  12. Thank you for your comment!

    Have a nice year!

  13. Hi, how are you doing?

    Thanks for your comment on my profile!

    Yes, I like Ai.

    Her personality fascinates me.

  14. Thank you very much for your care.

    It seems like tunemi reached here too but it was not a great damage.

    I guess you are in a terrible shock.

    I just hope that everithing will be all right soon.

  15. Thank you for adding me as your friends and I like science too.

    I'm interested in how science or logic enables us to solve problems and make our wishes come true.

    I major in accounting now and really like it.

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