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  1. A little thing for your further research, I used Google translate and Wakasa means Youth. So in other words Wakasa and Asaka are interchangeable. Lance can also signify a straight forward person lacking tact and deceit.
  2. It can be if Gosho remains rooted to this policy, but there was one Kid-case file(in DC) where Makoto did the same stuff to grab kid who disguised as Sonoko. So it can be a determining factor and to me also the index finger looks bit shorter than middle finger, though.
  3. Not from the picture alone, man. To be honest Law enforcement agencies seriously lack any photographs of Asaka, only that photo was out in the public domain. That's why my assertion, though photophobic might not be the correct word, cautious about disclosing his/her identity. I screwed up, sorry for that.
  4. Then again, if some people had pictures of Asaka, then they would have uploaded or emailed the stuff to the website. The Law enforcement authorities would have had them and by now would have ordered a look-out notice for Asaka. Nothing of that sorts is happening, hence my bold claim.
  5. If without any ambiguity one says Asaka was holding a mirror, then it means that person was able to identify Asaka without a doubt. But the uploader of Kohji case uploads that not a single soul was able to provide any tangible lead to Asaka. If someone saw Asaka with the mirror and was sure of Asaka's identity, then that person would have testified already or the if Hotta was able to get the info then there was no chance that the persistent uploader won't be getting it. So I think nobody stated that they had seen Asaka with a hand mirror, but rather a woman with the hand mirror. If you consider this proposition, Hotta concludes that Asaka was a woman from the picture, then Hotta combines this with the fact that a woman was seen with a hand mirror and the there was a hand-mirror at the crime scene, then he with certainty can utter that Asaka was seen with a hand mirror. But He's inferring it from the data which he has gotten , he didn't get it first-hand. If Amanda's close relatives weren't sure about Asaka's identity then how could a random source was able to identify Asaka? There was no pictures of Asaka, Asaka was photophobic, clearly this is evidence enough that Asaka is very secretive and won't be roaming around so that third party sources can identify him/her. These are the evidences.
  6. All I'm saying is that the woman who held the mirror is said to be Asaka. So two conjoined events here, a woman was holding the mirror and she's said to be Asaka. Now if the second part is unreal then the whole thing gets a new dimension. I've enough evidence to believe that Asaka wasn't that woman. That's why I'm speculating that Asaka wasn't the one who was seen with the mirror.
  7. Should have used Interpretation, though.
  8. gg1998

    Apoptoxin 4869

    A great observation, but then we also have to assume one thing more, Vermouth vs Haibara arc was just a setup, if I'm to think of the second option which seems a bit far fetched. BO Jolly well knew about the research and Haibara also knew the purpose of the Drug. But as the Miyano files got burnt down, Haibara screwed up the development of the drug as she wrongly deciphered remains of the research papers of her parents'. So there probably were two drugs back then APTX for killing and SB for the magical cure/blah-blah. Only Rum was authorised to use APTX so Gin never knew that such a drug existed in the first place.
  9. So can we safely assume that Asaka isn't the uploader? As Asaka almost vanished in the thinn air after the incident, so she possibly wouldn't have time to cover every nook and corner of the crime scene before the police came in.
  10. Typo, so ignore that. Not exactly, then if the dying message was written in Amanda's room, then it means the duo(Amanda and Haneda) were attacked in the same room. The killer got Amanda after subduing Kohji, then drugged him too. Kohji somehow makes the dying message and gets out, because the killer has already left. Kohji dies back in his room. Rum clears the stuff in Amanda's room and leaves alone Kohji's room, I think Rum didn't even noticed the tap. Else he would have switched it off. Now if the duo were fighting off the killer and Asaka didn't come in time for help then it means Asaka was probably bribed. Rum thought of Bribing Asaka and then killing Asaka after the deed is done, to cover his own tracks. Now Rum can get the access in Amanda's room in two ways, by posing as a Bellhop/Room service or by posing as someone known to Amanda. In the first scenario, the dying message wouldn't even be there as Rum would be under the guise of a random bellhop, so the next scenario is more plausible.Now someone who is known to both Amanda and Kohji is a perfect guise for Rum to knock them off. None will be doubting him, thus we were only thinking that Rum's guise was known to only Kohji due to the tap interpretation, but now the guise gets known to both Amanda and Kohji. So Rum was probably a player in that Chess Tournament, who miraculously vanished even before the tournament/his match started.
  11. For a brief moment that also convinced me, but after the the 10 years ago, case came up(Akai family intro case) I also had debunked that theory. About the photos all I can say is that the photos weren't taken in a haste. Small details were also preserved and mentioned. Like state of Amanda's room, the tap, etc.So I think Asaka who was already suspected to be the chief accused wouldn't have had that much of a time in his/her hand. So yes I agree with you on that point, that Gosho had already given us enough to figure out the id of the uploader, and the photos won't play a major role in the timing of the events. As per my observation regarding Asaka's fingers I'm pretty sure that Asaka had a higher chance of being a man.(Due to the length of the index finger, because Men tend to have longer index fingers.I saw that Gosho doesn't always hold good to 2D:4D ratios,so I'm abandoning that proposition.) Also if Hotta managed to obtain the information that there Asaka was seen with a mirror but the uploader stays silent about it. So two conclusions can be obtained from this a) Uploader knew that Hotta's information was damn wrong, but the uploader being Asaka is quite less likely proposition. b ) The Uploader is that woman who gave Haneda that mirror, who wasn't Asaka.
  12. So are you of the opinion that the mirror which was found in Kohji's room was really Mary's? But all we know is that Shukichi had an admiration for Kohji. Kohji possibly inspired him to the life of Shogi. But then would a rational woman gift her used hand mirror to the shogi hero of her son? I think it was a gift from another woman whom Hotta claims to have seen with the mirror. Or it could be a total bull, cooked up by Hotta. There was no woman with a hand mirror. Hotta invented it to make a grand show out of thin air. BTW when Hotta's performance was mentioned by Vodka Gin termed it as Rum's headache. So there might be a chance that Hotta was there at the Hotel but and saw someone with a hand mirror and now making his castle of lies based on that. I don't get what you're saying. My point is that "The Woman holding a hand-mirror, who was also seen in the same Hotel is most probably not Asaka."
  13. It's quite likely that Hotta might have seen a woman with a mirror, but was the woman really Asaka? I do have small proposition about this, though I consider it possible speculation, the only image of Asaka(or claimed image of her's) shows that her index finger is a bit longer than ring finger, so I think it's highly possible that Asaka was a man but Hotta saw someone else with a mirror. That someone(the woman) gave the mirror to Kohji.
  14. After the heated debate somehow the bottom line came out to be(For now, though I'm rather skeptical) that tap in Amanda's room was also left open. Kohji's room was ransacked. The dying message was found in Kohji's room, hidden behind broken stuff. Does this alter the meaning of the dying message?
  15. I can use it as circumstantial evidence. If the tap in Kohji's bathroom was also left running then only this comparison makes sense. So it confirms that Kohji's bathroom's tap was also left running. Though I, concur with your translation I do have some issues with your interpretation.[Google translate and Jisho say ; 16 is surely, 17 water of Washroom faucet, 18 is also, 19 reads keeping something turned on, 20 reads It is written.] So I think surely, will be a better substitute than Indeed. The example which you used was an ill constructed one. I'll tell you why, You're dealing with only two propositions and then referring one of them with a hint that one was favoured over the other. That's not the case here. Let's make a better example, B is reading a post that a Budgie owner had posted about how his deceased Budgie had been troublesome. Person A : "The op really had a troublesome Budgie. But in general Budgies aren't troublesome, they're peaceful pets. Wasn't Ms. Amanda's Budgie like that?" Person B : "Indeed/surely, it's written here that the door of the cage had claw marks." So to whom person B is referring, Ms. Amanda's Budgie or OP's budgie? Of course, the Op's budgie. Because here the comparison is between the nature of the Budgies owned by the OP and Ms. Amanda respectively. Person A wonders that why Op's budgie was so troublesome despite Budgies being peaceful pets in general. Person A cites the example of Ms. Amanda's Budgie to ascertain her assertion. Person B concurs and says with a pause(comma means pause, when we read we often don't pause at commas and that's the source of almost half of the misreadings) that it's written here that the cage had claw marks. Person B is referring to the context of OP's Budgie, the pause ensured it. If it was Amanda's Budgie the pause wouldn't even be needed. Don't use wrong examples to draw conclusions, because a counter example is enough to shatter the backbone of your dissertation.
  16. I'm not here to argue Japanese with Serinox, I'm here to point out the can of worms which accompany the current interpretation. Okiya Subaru draws parallels between the Kohji case(Not Amanda case) and the current case. When he asks that whether the taps were kept open in the current case or not it proves that in Kohji case the taps were open, and they were opened in Kohji's bathroom. If the taps were opened in Amanda's room such a question wouldn't even be asked in the first place. For the sake of argument let's assume that Amanda's room was the centre of the plot. Kohji was attacked while he was in Amanda's room and the opened faucet proves that he cut the glass over there. Now if Kohji was attacked and then he he cut the mirror. Now Kohji's body showed signs of struggle. So the room had to be in a disarray. So when the perpetrator was cleaning up the room Kohji was busy cutting the mirror. Or the cleanup got completed, the perpetrator had left, Kohji got up from his slumber, starts cutting the glass, feels like "Damn, this room is so clean. So I'll take the mirror with me, I won't even leave behind the scissors. I'll use my extra stamina to pull myself to my own room. Guess what, there won't even be a trace of me dragging my dying self out of this room ans also I won't be calling for help. Ha ha...I'm a Shogi champion bow down before me." Or Rum comes after Kohji had done the aforementioned stuff, "Ah....what a bother. The dead body just got vanished out of the room. Guess what I'll just clean up the room and I don't care if there's a third party who had moved the corpse of that Shogi guy. It's not like that I had hated him, but I such a tsundere" (Rum strikes a Tatsumaki-pose) Ta-da we have three theories now. Or just sit on a hunger strike infront of Ghoso's studio.
  17. Haibara was asking Conan if the room which belonged to the wealthy person had similar impression to BO's mode of operation or not? Conan confirms her statement, then pauses, then says the taps were left running. Now taps left running can't be an impression of a neat and clean room. Okiya Subaru asks the Investigating Officer about whether the taps were running in the current case or not? The affirmative answer seemed to have taken him by surprise, he says that it's just like that case. A corpse with a pair of clenched scissors and taps were running in the bathroom where the corpse was found. This two points at Kohji's case not Amanda's.
  18. You just confirmed what I was going to attempt. I was going to drop a message to Gent and was readying to get screen-shots of our convo for out of the loop people. Looks like you saved my data usage by some MB's. Thanks MTX.
  19. "official" doesn't mean Official. Okiya Subaru mentions in the same chapter with emphasis on whether the taps were running at the crime scene or not? Kohji case was his point of interest and he drew parallels with it. So it's evident enough that Kohji's room was referred not Amanda's.
  20. The official English Translation from Batoto says "That Kohji's sink was running not Amanda's." Let me give you two examples, so that those two possibilities will also make as much sense as your theory. I and some other forum posters often refer to you as MTX, now if we had to name you and we could only use letters M,T,X and we made a message MTX it will still direct to you. Though your full username won't be there. Let's take the example of my username, now my username can also be referred to as g19, if the person didn't have enough time or didn't have enough letters to begin with. We really don't know that whether the dying message was complete or not. We also don't know whether the mirror ran out of characters to construct the whole message. From the page of the "official" English Translation from batoto, if you have any further queries then this link will help too https://plus.google.com/+ShuichiAkai84/posts/aCgVXipisST
  21. Still, even if Kohji and Kichi had some sort of kinship, does it imply that Tsutomu-san would be using Kohji(A shogi player) as Amanda's shield against Rum? You might have mistaken my point @Serinox I only implied that the officially Haneda and akai family got together around 10 years ago. There's no order, the glass was cut in Kohji's bathroom. End of the story, period. Still it's a mere speculation, if you're giving a theory then those stuff can't be used. If you're speculating, then it's fine. Officially means the Officials of FBI and CIA. You're again assuming Amanda knew about Rum in the first place but we have no evidence to back it up, even if she knew about it and she passed on the info, then during the time of briefing kai and Kir prior to their infiltration, their respective agencies would have given them a small tip about Rum, because that's a vital information. But the discovery of the person named Rum working in Bo, took Akai and Kir by surprise. If they had prior knowledge about Rum then this reaction wouldn't have come into play. It's a guess so nothing can be said, but quite unlikely. I don't understand your point. He was suffering yet had enough stamina to get out of that room, then why he didn't call for help?Mind it ,according to your theory he was attacked, he wrote the dying message, took the mirror also took the scissors, staggered out of the room, went to his room, broke a bunch of stuff to shield the dying message and then died. If he had stamina of doing all these things with a bashed up face and other debilitating injuries, why didn't he call for help? @MeiTanteixX WAKASA RUMI, Chikara Katsumata are also viable options along with CARASUMA.
  22. 1) That's the pivotal point of the case. It indicates where the glass was cut in the first place. 2) Where is the basis of such assumption? You can't assume random things for the benefit of your version. 3) The question is why would he even know the name in the first place? Why he would even consider that the name is known to FBI and CIA? As far as we know, neither the CIA nor the FBI officially knows the existence of Rum. If your assumption was valid then Akai and/or Kir would have known about the Rum during their time as Fbi(Cia) agents. 4) If Kohji's fingerprints were cleared by Rum, then it means after Kohji dragged himself out of Amanda's room, Rum came in after that, so absence of Kohji's body would have put him on alert and if he was calm enough to rub-off the prints then why didn't he try to find Kohji and ensured his death. 5) Why Kohji would be visiting Amanda in the first place? The visit was already done as Amanda already had gone to Kohji's room and came back to her own room. There is no further purpose for them to visit each other again. 6) Last but not the least, if Kohji had the strength to get back to his room, write the dying message, smash random things to hide the dying message, but didn't call the hotel lobby for help? I thought Shogi players are smarter than that. 7) What you're assuming is things which will help your version. You're not building up your theory based on established facts. Thx for the one liner, MTX. A horrendous mistake you seemed to have made. Akai family got tied with Haneda family after Sukichi was adopted in the haneda family 10 years ago. The Haneda Kohji case happened 17 years ago. At that point of time Akai and Haneda families were unrelated. So would a CIA agent endanger a random Shogi player of Japan by asking him to prevent a possible top notch killer? I rate Tsutomu-san more rationally. BTW beware, if Subaru san hears that you're making his dad look idiotic, he might snipe out your brains. Haneda didn't write the dying message after he was drowsed with APTX, because he was already injured and APTX on an injured person invites loss of consciousness. Then the dying message wouldn't have been there. Haneda ran to the bathroom, after getting bashed up, he wrote the dying message, threw the mirror to make sure nothing comes into the assailant's mind. Then Rum breaks in and kills him with APTX. Not necessarily a person from FBI or CIA. A primary discoverer of the body could have photographed that stuff also. If it was a person from FBI or CIA then he/she would have all the resources to solve this case, he/she won't be so persevere in uploding the case's stuff.
  23. You're the one making possible flawed/contradictory assumptions in the first place. Why Taps in Kohji's bathroom was opened while they weren't opened in Amanda's bathroom? The answer to this question is that Kohji created his dying message in his bathroom not in Amanda's. That means he was attacked and killed in his room not in Amanda's. You're assuming that the prototype took longer time to kill. Where is it verified? Don't invent facts to suit your theory. For argument's sake let's assume that Amanda told him about Rum, but then according to You logic Asaca was Kohji's killer. Then why did Kohji need to cut the extra "U" in the dying message? If Asaca and Rum were related implicating anyone would be fine as the other can easily be traced, now Kohji used his last strength to implicate a person whose Code name(not even real name) is only known to a select few. How would you like to explain it? Kohji wasn't wearing gloves, so why his fingerprint wasn't found in the Amanda's room? Why on the other hand Amanda's fingerprint were found in Kohji's room?
  24. It's not that easy. In UK people don't call "Insert Mom's name"-mom, but if the Mom is sort of a step-mother then this sort of thing is used by little children. Not saying that Mary isn't Kichi's biological mom but it sounds awkward.
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