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    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 990-993: Settling the Score

    I have some ideas concerning this case: Since Aoyama had introduced Okita (a character in Yaiba), I'm thinking about the demon that Iori had talked about, there is a character in yaiba who has the same descriptions, Onimaru also, wouldn't that old man be lying about his blindness may be to protect the culprit and why would the culprit talk about getting new cutter in front of some one even if he is blind.
  2. I said she would be, if she was the bodyguard she wouldn't escape in the middle of fight, then she was propably forced to take a drug by RUM, instead of the APTX in its first version that killed Kouji, she took SB or an other drug the same that Vermouth took, RUM is number 2 in the organisation, it wouldn't be difficult for him to have it, the organisation didn't find her corpse and that's the meaning of the mess which Gin was talking about. Although, I can't dismiss the probabilty that Mary was the bodyguad in disguise as Asaka and she was shrunk because of APTX, thus when she knew that Asaka is a woman in soul detective she had a cold reaction and that explains how the PUT ON MASCARA mirror that resembles Akemi/Elena ended with Kouji.
  3. She is the bodyguard of Amanda who was investigating BO, wouldn't she in the same condition as Vermouth who doesn't age.
  4. You may have a point there, but she doesn't look very intelligent to become a bodyguard, unlike Yuzuki because it seems that she is hiding something according to her way of talking and acting.
  5. Thanks for making it clear, I didn't think of it that way.
  6. Yuzuki Fukui : the bartender from Kogoro in the bar episode, she looks very similar to Asaka, her hair is tied like Asaka and also her chin, and I didn’t see any one talk about her. Ryujiro Uematsu : according to the descriptions of haibara, we can add him also to RUM suspect list, he is old man and in chapter 966 he opened just one eye. Hyoue Kuroda : I think there is a possibility that he can be Akai’s father, Akai joined the FBI because of his father, and he said his father wasn’t an FBI agent and didn’t specify whether he is CIA agent or not, and his accident may be related to Kohji/Asaka/RUM case. Mary: or Akai/Sera/Shukichi mother, I think she is not Asaka or RUM as Conan is thinking, and when Akai asked Ran and Sonoko about the person who is with Sera, he didn’t mean that person is Asaka. Wakasa Rumi: we don’t have enough information about her or her background, her name may be fake to begin with, and her interest in Conan is suspicious, she was giving hints to him as she figured the meaning of the code (the time table and whisky). She may be the responsible for uploading the data about Kohji case, thus she figured that Conan has accessed the website many times through his IP. However, she isn’t Vermouth, because she didn’t trigger haibara’s sense although she fixed her eyesight on her and talked with her, unlike when Vermouth was standing away from her in Jodie’s memories and the cherry blossom viewing trap.