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  1. I think there is a mistake in the manga to anime changes of episode 77-78. It say that in the manga Conan does no reference the case of Moonlight Sonata Murder Case although it may refer to it, but in the Ch 153 page 16 it does appear that the manga reference that case.
  2. Yes, sorry for my grammar. I haven't praticed englis for almost 4 years. And i was trying to say that i want an open ending related to the parings. Not to the story or plot, i don,t want an ending like naruto or bleach. Well i don't care about Heiji and Kazuha, or Takagi and Sato stay together. But I really don't want Ran x Conan, neither Ayumi or Haibara with Genta or Mitzuhiko.
  3. 1) I would love to see Detective Boy finding that Sleeping Kogoro is Conan and help him with that. I think it would be a interesting change in the anime and a opportunity to develop them. To clarify, i don't want them to know that Conan is Shinishi, i only want that they know that Conan solves the cases instaed of kogoro. 2) Normaly i love that all paring get close at the end of the series. I hare inconclusive ends... But not in this case, i can't stand Ran and Shinishi, i really hate the paring. So i would love to seen a open ending (talking about pairings ONLY) 3) Haibara and Shinishi, both mistakenly taking the antidote and traying to hide until the effect ends. 4) More case with Sera and Conan, and only them, or Conan and Haibara or Ayumi. But again, the two of them alone i want to see them interact a bit more. But i really want the first. (And i pray for the second) And this is not a spesific scene or something but i want more cases where the culprit is not the one with the best alibi (Or the only with alibi, that is normaly the case). There are a lot of those and more in the newers episodes. And those are the ones that i remember that i want, and that it could happen (Because there are a lot of thing that i would love to see, but it can't happen)
  4. JackYakumo


    Someone know when its the fist time that Conan say Ah-le le? I think is on episode 104 but i realy didnt pay attention to all other episodes.
  5. JackYakumo

    Conan x Ai

    I would love to see Conan x Ai in the end (or Ayumi x Conan but that is for another treat), but i know that Ran is going to end with Shinishi ): But I'm content to see the little CoAi parts in the series.
  6. Ran and Mitsuhiko. Sometimes kogoro but i give points to him for being funny.
  7. Well, i vote for Haibara, but i like Ayumi too and because i cant decide i used a coin XD.
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