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  1. @machine what level of proficiency are you at in Python? Do you want to learn coding or the applications of the same. If it's the former then you can probably look at several YouTube tutorials available. If it's the latter then I'd say go for some standard course on data structures and algorithms and concurrently study a bit of game theory and graph theory and basics of linear algebra. But if it's just for fun, you might want to do competitive programming.

  2. 6 hours ago, AnimeOtakuDrew said:

    I don't remember this, but even if you're right, the information he has could be based on the misinformation spread through the Organization to keep the truth from reaching Sherry.

    I actually think that "ASACA RUM" was Haneda Kohji's dying message, stating that the bodyguard Asaka was Rum and was his killer. In other words, I think Akemi/Rum was posing as a bodyguard under the name Asaka to get close to her targets and kill them. Aoyama-sensei even implied that the message was left by the victim , as it was first brought up in a case were a victim left a dying message using the same method. The fact that the victim (Kohji) was able to leave such a message pointing at her was what Gin was referring to when he was talking about the Haneda case being Rum's screw up. And if, like I said, those murders were her first big assignment for the Organization, the fact that she inadvertently allowed Kohji to leave such a message becomes fairly plausible. I am thinking I might explore all this in my fanfic actually.

    Ok so here's the thing, Akemi was like 25 years old in the current timeline so if you're saying she killed Haneda Kohji you're basically saying that she was capable of killing at the age of 7.

  3. I asked out of curiosity.


    Anyways on the topic, the Kohji Haneda case has something to do with it and Akai clearly states that it was because of that case that he joined the FBI. The current Manga case is perhaps gonna reveal some more details about Akai and his family. If Akai does know about Mary's shrinking it would definitely be one of his motivations, but I am sure there is more to it. The Kohji Haneda case involved the second highest authority of the organisation. 

  4. 6 hours ago, M.K. said:
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    I'm really sorry KtPt. I really am but I'm gonna be a blunt (which I always state as I really am) ahole person for a bit so bear with me coz it's so effortful to always stick to niceness and politeness to internet people so I'm just gonna say what's in my mind (pun not-intented) uncensored.


    Firstly, as the redditors/social media people on why they watch GoT, on the top of their list "b**bs and hot naked female characters" so it's not a foolish thing for them to watch the show over it.


    Uhmm I just wanna say that GoT is definitely not historically accurate for the obvious reason that it's a fiction :V


    As an allegory, yeah kinda but not even close. Yeah not really close, since it's only showing the nitpicked bad side (and an overexaggeration of it) of the Medieval Times which is not even related to one another. It's unrelated things that happened in the medieval times mixed in together to form the plot. Yeah, I know alot of Historians are praising it as "accurate" but if you actually see their interviews, they praise it for metaphorically portaying some stuffs in the medieval history accurately as one off scenes (like the wars) in the show and the book but as a whole picture, it was never stated as accurate.


    Putting an example, let's say I put in a story that I theoterically formed on drawing inspiration from the Cold War, the Penguin Empire and the Persian Empire. My story goes like these there were like two empires called Penguina and Parsya and they had like these passive aggressive war with one another. There was no reported killings or anything but there was a constant show off of firearms and army between the two. Eventually, Parsya fell down because of Economic Crisis and inner turmoil making Penguina the victor of the war. (Did you like the story? :P) Anyways, historians would praise it as accurate like they'll say that Penguina is a depiction of Penguins in the Antarctica and Parsya as depiction of Persia and the war between them as the depiction of the Cold War itself but as a whole, it doesn't make sense since the Penguins and the Persian Empire never had a war between each other and the cold war happened between US and USSR.


    So, you should definitely see the big picture of what happened in the Middle Ages before you say that it's Accurate as history. Firstly, it's called the Dark ages not because wars between Kingdoms were happening and it's like the end of the world but it's called like that mainly because the advancement of Humanity in Science, Medicine and etc etc was slowed down harshly by the Church and the most resulting deaths came from famine and widespread Diseases. Also, take note, the Pope was the most powerful person around those times and the Kings around those times are mostly under his command which I'm sure is not even portrayed in the Show. And there's the non-stop war and crusades between Muslims and the Church which contributed to the name of the Dark Ages.


    As for Incest, marriages between cousins were a thing in Medieval Age (which even persists today) but it's mostly third/fourth/etc cousins. And for me personally, it's pretty blurry if it's incest when it's your second/third/etc cousin as far as genetics is concerned. As for sibling relationships, it's really rare but I'll give you the Egyptian pharaohs as an example but they're definitely not part of Medieval Age. :V And, please don't use the mythology as an argument since you are stating that GoT is "an accurate depiction of medieval history" and mythologies are definitely mytholgy.

    Plus, I just wanna add that we are naturally repulsed in having a sexual/romantic relationship with our close relatives since Nature puts special barriers to that to prevent any sort of inbreeding which results in a lot of Genetic Disorders/Problem on the new born child.

    Overall, George RR Martin reminds me of Herodutus and Homer. Wrote and told lots of nitpicked politically biased history and some even with added fairy tales on it.

    Also, I would just watch an actual documentary about the Medieval Ages than watch a fantasy-ic interpretation of that era by a man, thank you very much.

    Just to remind you. I only have general knowledge of European History, btw, so I ain't claiming myself as an expert but I can still give my opinion on this since I have some knowledge over this. But also, don't quote me on anything.


    As for you implicating that I don't want the show to happen, I never said anything like that. I really don't care if you guys watch the show or not or if some of you guys loves nudity, gore, incest or rape whatever. If you watch the show, more power to you :D If you don't then, samething. I was just stating my opinion on the show so others can see two sides of the coin before watching it. I wasn't trying to stop you guys from watching it or being an activist here to stop the show. I respect your personal taste and you should respect mine too.


    Yeah, sure dragons/zombies/magical gods. Those things don't really interests me whatsoever as much as you guys do. I like them to an extent coz they're kinda cool but like Nudity, when overused, it becomes like a selling mechanism in the show. Also, I heard that GoT is just a "footnote" of LotR so it becomes another reason on why I don't wanna watch it; Basically, a copy of LotR thus removing the uniqueness element from it. I really loved LotR not because of the candy eyed setting of the show (which I also liked) but because of Frodo and Sam. They were really both interesting characters.


    I don't like Gore. I can take Gore to some degree but I don't like it. But even if I love it, it doesn't mean that I should like Nudity coz they are definitely still different to me as compared to you. It's a matter of opinion and/or personal taste which is different from person to person. It's like asking a person why do they not listen to rap as much as they listen to rock and reasoning out that they are the same that they are both music anyways.


    Anyways, I'm not escaping from the harsh realities of life whatever you are saying. You sounded like a nudist activist and nihilist there for a second. It's like since we are naturally naked anyways on the inside of our clothes, we should all just get naked. As for gore, when was gore a reality of life? Violence is a fact of life in general but gore is not. Violence doesn't automatically equate gore. And, you can inform people about sex, gory violence and all that without having to visually depict them all the time on the show. It will all be the same if the show minimally portrays nudity in the show and for the other parts of it, you could just put a scene that happened afterwards; for example the aftermath of a rape, depict a girl (that is not nude) crying on the floor and some person seeing her and asking what happened. Then you know, the girl tells that she got raped and tells the story instead. As for violence, you don't need to add gore to it to inform people that there's a violent thing happening. People automatically understands scenes like when a sword is swung on someone and you hear the scream sound but you don't show the gore of what happened, we already understand someone was killed on those scenes.


    Going to back to my "GoT is not accurate as history", it's never gonna happen again coz it never happened in the first place so there's nothing really to prevent whatsoever. Plus, even if it's true, it's already a well known establish fact to everyone who had gone to school that the past history was never peaceful so no need for people to watch GoT for the sake of preventing anything. If there's anything that need to be addressed right now, it's the terrorism/prelevant inequality between classes of people that's is still happening nowadays


    And if what you are saying is true that alot of people watch GoT for historical information and to prevent it from happening again, then tell me, why don't I hear any people turning to activists who got touched by the story of GoT and formed a movmement preventing history from repeating itself? Heck. Those who I know who I watch don't really give a crap about history. Thing is, no one watches GoT for academic reasons and if you do, you're a silly-face coz GoT is a fictional piece. You watch documentaries and read academic books instead if you wanna learn something unadultered.


    People watch it for entertainment and just admit that you watch it too for that reason and there's nothing wrong with it if you do. I was only voicing my opinion on my previous post as some sort of disclaimer for those people who wanna watch the show and might have the same strong invocation against nudity, gore and violence as I do coz you didn't put any of that. You just said said that it was the best without putting any warnings even not checking/forgetting the fact that the person you are talking to is a minor and the show that you are shoving to her is heavily rated for 18 and above only.


    You didn't even think that there's a possibility that the person you are talking might not have any idea of what nudity/gore is or she might have a low tolerance towards gore/nudity. Now I'm not saying that she has no idea or have low tolerance towards it. (As I'm writing this, I read Kirsch' post so I guess not since Raki's the one who conviced her) But you know, you could end up introducing a new concept (not in a good way) to someone and end up traumatizing them.


    But anyways, that's all I have to say. I really just replied to you in there to add a disclaimer to your post. Just next time, if the thing/show you're sharing/pushing is kinda controversional better put disclaimers on it.


    (If you want to know why I disparage nudity, read my reply to Kenzi below. Just don't open the spoiler inside the spoiler.)


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    As much as I wanna give it a try, I can't just push myself to watch something that will just makes me feel uncomfortable (or expectedly uncomfortable) throughout. As I said, it's for the reason of too much nudity and it portrays controversional topics (like I said incest and rape).

    My hatred towards nudity and all the likes in publicly-available literature is more of deeply in-grained in me since I was young. I'm not disparaging it becoz majority of people loves nudity and all that. I'm no hipster or a person trying to be special. Anyways, I don't feel the need to explain myself to you or to KtPt or to anyone here but I kinda think I should so you can actually see through my lens, as you say. First of all, as I said, it really makes me feel really unconsciously uncomfortable watching things like these on shows or movies. I ain't pushing myself to feel uncomfortable towards it whatever. It just happens.

    And then, a really big reason is I'm a gray-A. Not saying that all Asexuals dislikes public Nudity but really read on personal sides of other Asexuals. You'll see that some of them shares the same sentiment as me; that they also dislikes too much nudity on shows or movies coz of valid reasons. Altho, on another side of the spectrum, you have asexuals who aren't bothered but is not crazed over it either like most heteros or homos are, like @machine there who I believe is an Asexual too as an example (I'm sure she watches GoT).


    So anyways, my actual logical reasoning against too much nudity on shows is that it's a cheap move. No matter what you tell me, it's a really really cheap move. It's nothing more than a plot device to magnetize young people, especially guys, to watch the show. Visual Nudity is an already tried and guaranteed business move that attracts alot of people. I mean just look at how many people watches/searches porn everyday and tell me that it doesn't work. And if you do not believe me that alot of people watches the show for the sake of nudity, then I shall direct you to some reddit threads for proof, if you want. I'm gonna be vulgar here a bit but most of them puts "sex, boobies and hot naked female characters" on the reasons why they watch the show. I'm really really certain that if there was no nudity or too much sexual tension and the male/female characters were less glamorous than they are, only actual  high fantasy fans would be watching it.


    I have also some proof that it does happen that when there's a sudden drop of romance/sexual tension or the characters are not as 'hot' as the beforehand characters on the show, the show suffers alot of viewership losses. This is such a coincidence but happened on the current show that I'm watching, Dr Who, the lead character who's a really young guy who formed a lot of fan girls following coz they say he is 'hot' was replaced by a really old man and then the female supporting character who looks like a typical teenage looking girl, who's really flirty and added sexual/romantic tension to the show was replaced by a mature woman. After that replacement and the complete step away from romance and sexualization, it had a huge drop of viewers, in comparison to the last 6 years of the show's run before that. Also, it formed alot of hates towards the new lead and the supporting character.


    So yeah, my hatred towards too much nudity on shows tends to be reasoned out. I really don't hate things for no reason. It just really pisses me off that, there are alot of shows there who actually invests heavily in developing good plot and characters and they don't use the 'add hot characters and nudity' lifeline, are completely beaten easily by shows that does the vice versa and I'm telling you that I've seen some couple of shows before who uses lots of nudity and toilet humor plot device and they always have crappy plot and one sided characters.


    Also, I just wanna clear out that I said in my previous post that I'm fine with nudity and sex scenes as long as they are kept to a minimum and is pretty relevant to the genre. It's only those shows/movies who puts too much of it that I tend to hate.


    On violence on the otherhand, I actually don't hate violence in shows/movies. In fact, I love some violence. It's just the gore that makes me a bit feel icky on the skin. (like I hate seeing blood oozing out, it makes me nausetic.)


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    Btw, I'm not a fan of projecting likes, dislikes, hobbies and personal beliefs on someone coz hey that's what makes them the person they are and that's whats makes us unique from one another. I do recommend things that I find interesting to people but I always put disclaimer on things and I also don't call them stupid, idiot or put out a passive aggressive argument towards them and debate with them coz I completely respect other people's personal tastes.


    It's one thing to debate with people (with respect and no personal attacks) over factual and general matters (like Global Warming, war and all that), it's another over personal matters coz there's nothing to learn and settle on arguments like that. You're just gonna piss off people for minding their businesses unless that's what you wanna do in the first place.


    But I dunno, I'm just logicalizing things so I'm most likely wrong.


    That is the best sentence I've heard in a while.

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