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  1. Ehh, just read that Kanter's contract is worth 17 mil. per year. I dunno about you but I'd gladly pay three million more to get DJ. Bricks free throws, is a pussy, can't be in the court at clutch moments but is better than Enes freaking Kanter. Dude can at least defend lol. ______ I was hoping to put in Kareem inside my top five too but.... I feel that it'd be way too overboard to have my list feature three centers. Opted with Larry Bird instead. But if it were top ten I'd be listing this in no particular order: - Michael Jordan - Magic Johnson - Bill Russell - Wilt Chamberlain - Larry Bird - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Tim Duncan - Shaquille O'neal - LeBron James - Hakeem Olajuwon Granted, I don't know most of the older players. So I can't put guys like Jerry West, Oscar Robertson on the list, only exceptions are Bill Russell and Wilt since those two are legendary. Added LeBron since I still appreciate his greatness, even if I don't like him one bit lol. Always rooted for the team he's fighting against. :|
  2. Kennel from Hell. Wanted to watch this WWE match again, one of the worst stipulation lol.
  3. Man, I don't know. Kanter isn't worth the max contract he'll be getting at Portland imo. I'd say Tim is the best PF of all time but as for top five... I got MJ, Magic, Wilt, Bill Russell and Bird. Granted, I haven't watched Bill Russell nor Wilt Chamberlain but those two had stats of a beast. And Bill Russell's got 11 rings but that's for another conversation. But if it were by position, he'd be in since two of whom I listed were centers.
  4. Clippers preparing for a second round exit yet again! _____ Excited to see how the Thunders will bounce back, with a healthy Durant and Westbrook this team's a beast. Although, they don't have that much depth in the bench? ______ As for the Eastern Conference, hmm.... Cavs will be the ECF Champs again. Bulls has a new coach and I doubt he'd do a better job than Thibs. Raps are a mess imo. Miami ain't winning it lol. Hawks lost Carroll but their coach is still one of the best right now. Wizards are the closest to beating the Cavs but I doubt they can. Unless of course John Wall becomes a beast all of a sudden. Other teams are irrelevant. As much as I love the Sixers they ain't contending yet. ________ Oh, a prediction. I don't think GS will repeat. Health is their main issue, and they're pretty lucky Bogut wasn't injured in the playoffs last year. I'm riding the Spurs hype this season. TP-DG-KL-LMA-TD first five's really looking good on paper. Oh, and not a bandwagon. Just that my team (76ers) ain't contending for years to come imo.
  5. Floods. Just this week had to walk in the streets which is hella flooded so I could get to the train station. :|
  6. Just read A Study in Scarlet and The Sign of the Four. Why didn't I read Sherlock Holmes earlier? :|
  7. Man, no activity? :| Yey, LA went to SA! I'm not a Spurs fan but watching them play selfless basketball is the best. Plus, I'm a Leonard fan. Oh, and Jordan's a bitch. Plain and simple.
  8. Strepsils. Maaan, I hope this sore throat leaves fast.
  9. Man, don't get me started on how awful the Cavs bench were. XD J.R. Smith should be traded/released, and all those old players should retire so that they could regroup. I still think of Delly as a good role player, just not a starter as he was forced into. The two bigs were doing their job against the small ball Warrior, basing from the stat sheets. Shumpert's a somewhat decent starter, especially when you got three max contract guys on your roster? What else? J.R. Smith should be traded/released. J.R. Smith should be traded/released. With the lack of depth in the EC, I still think they'll make the Finals next year 'cuz LeBron. As much as I like the 76ers, they aren't going to the playoffs next year lol. ____ Oh, and congrats to the GS Warriors, they deserve it. Especially Kerr. Hahaha. Forgot to add - I feel sad for Shawn Marion. Huge fan of the 2004-2010 Phoenix Suns and he didn't even get to play the entire series, not even the last minute of the final game when all was decided. :|
  10. Games currently playing last played: NBA 2k15 - MyGM and MyCareer Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - went through the introduction, downloading mods Child of Light - went through introduction, the story's being told in a poem damn Pokemon Reborn - challenging first gym Final Fantasy X HD Remaster - Guadosalam, deleted save data planning to restart game
  11. I don't know, I think the Finals last year was worse because it was ass-whooping except for Game 2. I kinda agree though, this is kinda meh. No drama between these two teams, just that LeBron wants to bring one home. Aside from that, no rivalry, no big issues between the players. Hmm... Kinda like your regular NBA Playoffs game tbh. Bold prediction - Series for the team who wins today/tomorrow. ___________ Oh, and LeBron was tired last game so I guess it's safe to say GS has more chance to win this. No help from Cleveland, aside from Delly's Game 2 and 3 and the big guys when GS is playing small ball. All hail J.R. Smith!
  12. Re-watched Limitless. Still one of my favorite for some reason but mostly because I'm not into watching movies. The "drug that fully uses your brain's capability" part was new to me, although I'm sure it had been done on some TV show/movie before. It just captivated me the first time I watched it and it still does today.
  13. I won't say they're idiots if they lose this one, rather they're unlucky. LeBron's beasting like a mfucker these past three games and I don't think he'll stop soon. Not his usual field goal percentage though but he's getting the job done. Dellavedova's a good hustle guy but I doubt he can contain Curry like that again. His defense is one reason why Curry's been playing bad but I think it has more to do with Curry lacking the confidence. He needs to be a straight killer imo. Kinda hard to do so when you're the Point Guard though, gotta share the ball as well. Ehh, whatever the result is this is a good Finals series. No one's winning by a huge margin unlike last year's schooling.
  14. Here I am still waiting for the start of the NBA Finals. :/ So the X-factors are Kyrie and Barnes? Let's see what happens, hahaha. Just a bold prediction - GSW in 5.
  15. BIg Sean - Control ft. Kenrick Lamar & Jay Electronica
  16. Now, I really don't think he's doing it on purpose and I think he's a good guy off the bench, being a hustle player but he needs to stop clinging on other players. More so with Steph, he's got a bad ankle and maybe just maybe this guy will accidentally break it like he did with Korver. _______ Well, it looks easy to do but it sure will be hard to execute. I don't think Klay can stop LeBron at all, with that size difference. The only guys I think can fare well is Iggy and Green because Iggy's athletic, has about the same body build and can probably guard him on the perimeter and Green can on the post with his strength. Kyrie's been inconsistent in the playoffs (does he still have injury?), JR's been inconsistent his whole career so I guess it will all go down to how consistent they can be in the finals. If they can't stop LeBron it will be hard, unless of course they're hot on offense as well. I don't think Cleveland has enough perimeter defenders.
  17. I wish Google Translate translation's rate goes up. Reading untranslated web novels through Google Translate sucks. :|
  18. James Harden was cooking! ____ Golden State in about six. As long as they can devise a defense to stop James or atleast make him less useful, I think they can win the series. No James stopper like Leonard though. Might be hard for Draymond Green since LeBron is a lot faster than him imo.
  19. I think Klay's struggle has more to do with him doing his best at defense trying to stop Harden, that should be really tiring. I think he's doing very well at stopping him though, last game Harden had more points from flops the free throw line than his field goals. He was like 3-16 or something lol. __________ Didn't know Kobe had interest in football. Hahaha.
  20. Oh wow, Houston's getting beat in their home court. Watched the first two quarters and Harden's game is desperate ball. The other Houston players weren't good too aside from Howard. Stopped watching after the first half. ________ I grew up watching Kobe too and idolized him (not as much as T-Mac) but he's second. Seeing from the stories I read from sites like Redit, "basketball is life" literally describes Kobe. I doubt he can leave the game of basketball. Wouldn't be strange if I see him as an assistant coach or a staff something like that. Maybe even a part-owner.
  21. Well, they could advance to the Conference Finals but that's the limit I guess. Matthews is a good shooting guard and is a definite keeper for the Trail Blazers. Their problem though, I guess is the depth in the bench. The Afflalo trade really costed them I think, he was not a good fit in Rip City. They lost a good young talent in Barton and T-Rob. I really liked T-Rob's game though, brings energy in Trail Blazers by making hustle plays. Hahahaha. _______ I think everyone agrees that Kobe deserves one final run. I've read tons of stories about his work ethic and this dude is a freak. No one wants winning more than him and he deserves one final ring. He's not worth the 24 mil contract anymore but if he accepts a 7-10 mil one I'd say that's quite a good deal.
  22. Well, last year as well. Blazers got swept I believe by the Spurs in the second round. They might have beaten the Rockets last year but I think it'd be hard for the Blazers to beat the Rockets in a seven game series now. In that one year span, Rockets improved drastically by getting good rotation guys like Brewer, Ariza, Prigioni, Terry and Smith. Harden's game improved too, as a testament of that is him being second runner-up to the MVP. I haven't felt like Blazers improved in that span. Aldridge is already at his peak and they haven't done much to get tons of good role players unlike the Rockets. The only playoff team in the West I believe the Blazers can beat in a seven game series is the Mavericks and the Pelicans. ____ I don't know lol, I really think of Ellis as a poor man's Kobe. Both needs the ball in their hand to be really effective, not catch and shoot situations. They can both slash, and they both have good perimeter game. I also believe that those two should be the one making the plays for themselves, not another guy. I think what the Lakers need at the PG spot is a Derek Fisher kinda guy. High basketball IQ, can play good defense, shoot from the perimeter and doesn't need the ball in his hands often unlike other point guards. Well, all this can be negated by having a really good coach who has a system but Byron Scott isn't the guy imo. Stll, their future's looking good. I think Jordan Clarkson has the potential to be a decent if not one of the best combo-guard in the league and if Nash remains his mentor, I'd say his future can be really good. Plus they have the number two pick in the draft. I just hope they can get a better coach. :|
  23. I doubt the Blazers would be a real championship contender. The highest they can go to is the Western semifinals imo. Lillard has no defense and I still think they lack the depth to be real contenders. I wish Aldridge takes a year then go to the Spurs if Duncan retires next year. I don't believe a Rondo/Bryant combo will work. Rondo needs to dominate the ball and then pass it to catch and shoot players like Allen not ball dominant guys like Bryant to be effective imo. Well, at least the Rondo/Ellis combo didn't work out so I'd say the same for Rondo/Bryant.
  24. Nah, weren't robbed. That's just how lottery works I guess. I really think the Knicks should go for Mudiay, he's the best player available at that point if Towns and Okafor were taken already. I doubt Dragic will go to New York given how much better the Heat is at this point. Brandon Knight and Reggie Jackson are both restricted free agents, and given the way they play, I'd say the Suns and Pistons will match any offer. I'm a Rondo fan but he's a shell of himself at this point tbh. Jahlil Okafor welcome to LA land! lol
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