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  1. Ran' s Birthday , tho , is unknown , am eagerly waiting for it . Gosho Aoyama did confirm that when her birthday does come , it will be the key to many revelations . I am keen to know many things but I cannot really guess when her birthday actually DOES come . Just keen for the track to come
  2. I just simply lovee both of them !! Wont be able to pick up my favourite <3 But as everyone said , they are very different in many ways too .. So all i can say is .. both are the BEST in their own places
  3. I agree with Shad She was suspecting Conan because she was able to relate him to Shinichi ! And Haibara and Ran interact really less so its not possible for her to observe Ai that much !
  4. Hallo Ogie ! Am Diya Welcome here ! See you around
  5. That's the name of the song which plays usually in movies ! Amm .. when Conan is close to victory ! Like , im Movie 4 when he kicks the can on the culprit that song plays in the background ! Or at least i think that's the name ! Am not sure about it !
  6. Welcome to DCW ! My favourites are Utsumuku Sone Sonakani and Secret Of My Heart <3
  7. I watch DC whenever i get time as i have hectic life as a student and have watched most episodes , and would love to re-watch them !! I have a time issue , but whenever i am free i just love to re-watch the episodes !!
  8. My favourites HAVE to be Captured In Her Eyes ( Movie 4 ) , Countdown To Heaven ( Movie 5 ) and Magician Of The Silver Sky ( Movie 8 , i think ) Though i have watched 12 movies so far ( not in order ) and all are seriously amazing , i enjoyed them so much , each is so gripping and interesting !! But these are my faves <3
  9. Hello , people . Clearing one thing out . This post is open for Ran Lovers AND Haters too ! You are free to express your opinion !! But , i do NOT appreciate bashing AT ALL . Just clearing The title says it all . People have reasons to hate a character but some people stated that their ONLY reasons to hate Ran are because she cries a lot . What's wrong with crying ? Besides being her love interest Shinichi is also one of her best friends , so it's obvious that she will miss him . If one is emotional , then it is necessary that the person is boring too . Ran is emotional person , but also a very strong character . Her parents are separated , she was deeply hurt but has also learnt to cope up with this loss . She is such a kind person too , it is clear in some cases . She tries to get some girls justice herself . I am not saying that people HAVE to like Ran . Am just saying that hating a person just because the person is emotional is strange . Here ends my post people Share your views
  10. Hello , there ! Welcome to DCW Nice to meet you , Am Diya ! Hope to see you around !
  11. Welcome to DCW , Lisa ! Am Diya and new too ! And the impatience of resolving of unresolving mysteries is common in us all , so dont worry See you around !
  12. DC is one really gripping anime that it is hard to pick one favourite ! Maybe that is why i have soo many Which include , The Desperate Revival Arc The Forgotten Memento from the Crime Chinatown Deja Vu In The Rain Shinichi Kudo's New York Case Arc ... And so many xD
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