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  1. Oh i finally got it....it was a bit tricky
  2. Umm.. you know this website better than i do so maybe i should take your advice, Thanks. But i do not know if i will ever make another fan video or no (its very time consuming) if i am going to make more, i'll make an account specifically for Detective Conan. Anyways, any luck on the puzzle?
  3. It would be really good to have all the characters including the men in the Black Organization and Shinichi's parents coming together in one episode. How exciting!
  4. My friend just sent me a picture on whatsapp so I thought I'll share it here. It's a Sherlock Holmes puzzle. Who can solve it? (I haven't figured out the puzzle yet )
  5. Thank you Kirsch for your comments on my video . I first cropped scenes from movies and episodes then merged them with We Video and added music. And I think you have a point of making another account but I'm not that much of a Youtuber and handling two accounts isn't good (I hardly get time to go on one account). And i don't think its that harmful to reveal the true name on some anime website. Thanks for the advice. anyways
  6. Thanks! I haven't heard these songs but i will surely check them out.
  7. Really?! Thank you so much, i wasn't sure if it is good enough but thank you for your comment
  8. Welcome! The more, the merrier
  9. Please check out the Detective Conan/Case Closed Fan Video i made using this link. I would love to hear your opinion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-BBqAyMgiI
  10. I know only the dubbing is different, but yet they are supposed to be 2 different serials since Case Closed is an American version with english characters. Many people only see Case Closed till the last episode that is episode 130 and think it is finished. Very few actually continue watching Detective Conan after that too. I really love the Case Closed voices. If only they could continue...
  11. Thank you for you're help!
  12. Meitantei KiddoI am really sorry i didnt see the actual name above. I dont know how to reply to a specific person. Anyways you have reached 350! That's so awesome. My number of episodes watched is nothing in front of yours. I cant call myself a fan Moonlit FlowerI use the app Human Japanese and it has helped me immensely. You should try it too. RakiThank you for you're wishes!
  13. Welcome! I am an Indian too and i'm new here *same pinch* Its really wonderful to have this website where you can meet so many people having the same common interest. I used to watch Case Closed too but since Funimation stopped making any more episodes i have to now watch Detective Conan. I enjoy it as much as i enjoy Case Closed so it's fine.
  14. +Jake the Dog why do you say that? Anyone who likes Detective Conan has a great taste hehe Anyways being a student I too have a hectic schedule so i have to temporarily have to stop learning Japanese. I want to resume watching the episodes too..
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