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  1. The possibility exists, the fact is, according to Gosho. Rum is within the three (Kuroda, Kanenori & Rumi), so what remains to conclude, is whether the Rum he is speaking of is a 'face' of a three ways Rum, or like you & MeiTanteixX discuss, that Rum is a former Rum, and a new Rum is in current position.
  2. I totally forgot about the SDB, that according to Gosho Rum is one of the three. I know I am suiting theories, however, the theory that one of the three is another 'third' face of Rum is plausible, like Amuro and Kir, Rum plays the role of three people, his usual Rum, the Muga (though we are stretching the idea), and another third face. If Rum, inside the BO, is a 'face', Rum being a butler Muga is another 'face', and a third possibilty is another 'Face', it could match the three theories of 3 personnas. If the butler is the feminine trait, and the Rum' is the old trait, the strong trait is the one left, which could be attributed to any of the three suspects, Hyouei, Rumi and Wakita. Going along with the answer Gosho made about one of the three is Rum. while also Muga and another personna are Rum all together...
  3. Hey all, my latest theory regarding the whole Rum arc. Is that most likely Hyoue & Rumi are not Rum, I cannot say I have conclusive evidence, however the mere fact that they met during the camping incident, and Rumi's confrontation with the culprit, made me feel uneasy about how Kuroda reacted. If one was Rum, the other knew, if the other person did not know, it is most likely that Rum (or them) was not in the Haneda's scene, because their level of intelligence (that may surpass Conan's) would lead them to figure the identity of Rum at the crime scene. Rumi (If she is Rum), would know Kuroda's purpose is to spy on her, and therefore would take actions to escape any chance that would lead to her identity. Kuroda (if he is Rum) would not confront Rumi, who is related to Haneda's mystery, without jeopradizing her suspisiousness towards him. If Kurodoa is Rum he would rather avoid Rumi, who might deduce who he is. If both did not know the other, I doubt Rumi would show off her skills in front of Kuroda (to her he might be Rum). Kuroda would not confront Rumi (who to him might be Rum), on the ground that he is watching over, and keeping her in a school where young lives at stake. On this basis, Rum is neither for most chances, unless proven otherwise. Kanenori, is a great candidate. But for a second in hand to command a large syndicate as big as BO, and the desire to remain unknown, would suggest he would rather attract less attention to himself, even if he tries to hide in plain sight. And his wholesome intention to become a disciple of a famous detective (Kogoro), would inspire others to look into him, such as Conan, and his quirky look, would raise questions, specially if Rum, who most likely knows about the descriptions people say about him, would mind fitting the image or a characteristic in a way or another in public. Rum would most likely, appear in the three different ways he is described, only inside the BO, while in public he would/should change his appearance to avoid any traces of him. If he have a damaged eye, he'd rather hide it or damage both eyes, if he seems feminine, he'd rather appear ambiguous looking, the same goes for a strong man. Rum, most likely, has not appeared in whole appearance to the people who described him. The BO agents, described his characteristics, based on his approach, which would raise the question of the eye problem. If all agreed, that Rum have an eye that is prosthetic or damaged, it must mean that they saw him. Yet, it might be a way of Rum to throw off descriptions of him by giving different traits, with one similar characteristic, so when he is investigated, it would mislead the investigators in something that did not exist. Again, the descriptions, have transferred to Haibara who relayed them to Conan, (Who btw, didn't even bother telling Conan Anokata's phone number, even though she was not surprised to know he figured it out), in accordance with her intentions to mislead Conan away from the BO so he would not be a matter of concern. Rum's awareness, like Gin about Sherry's escape from the BO, and that she must have had help, before her assumed death, would mean she told someone info on the BO, and Rum's different descriptions would've made their way into a stranger. Iori Muga, to me personally, is most suspicious. Like said above by MeiTanteixX, his concern over time, would relate logicaly to Rum. He has no worries about people finding out his time calculations, and he should not. Since only the people he told that time is precious, should be matter of concern to him, like Amuro, however he considers Amuro a top ranking BO agent. And following the theory of MeiTanteixX, about G & UMA, which I find to be very possible. I would not be surprised if Muga turns out to be Rum,. Another thing to consider, that Kuroda is not Rum, is the fact that he is Rei's superior. While he may still be a suspect, he would know about the agents awaiting at Kudo's residence during the Scarlet Arc. Thus, he would question the whole Akai's conversation with Rei over the phone, and the PSB that chased him, would lead to the BO's figuring out his whole fake death incident, if he is Rum. Kanenori, if Rum, would be a compromise of concealment, to be known to Kogoro, Amuro and others, as a disciple to Kogoro, with the looks he has, and the possible chance some would know of his descriptions following Haibara's escape from BO, even before her assumed death. Rumi, while as mysterious as she is, would not throw her mysterious character to be a matter of study and observation to others, if she is Rum, not to Kuroda who is in police, nor to Conan, whose skills of deduction, she know of. I cannot imagine a scenario where the 2nd in command, would not mind be around someone who can investigate him, unless he wants to. Rum, is in rush. As evident by his message to Amuro "Time is Money", mostly the general concept is that Rum's current objective is to find out any spies within the BO, while staying hidden. He/She, is currently active, while maintaining the order of BO. means he/she must balance between the two. As to why he is in hurry, it may be due to; 1. following a lead to find something out before it becomes apparent or escape. 2. To rush others to fall victims of time and therefore revealing their true allegiance, 3. to actually win something over in the least time possible. Since time is of the essence to Rum, I've been wondering if it has anything to do with Anokata himself. Since Anokata(Karasuma), is related to the whole time concept, raising the dead, over half a century of existence. I wonder if something is up that may actually be the reason why Rum is in a rush. Which would lead back to the Muga's obssession with time and seconds, and his attempt to calculate time to the second for fullest time employment. ..
  4. Hey everyone.. I've been thinking lately about the roundabouts of the ending of DC, per Gosho it is going to be a happy ending. However, for a series spanning more than a decade with a solid fanbase. I think the majority, as much as they would like to see DC end, they also would rather see a continuation of the DC series. For example, the Naruto series brings another Shippuden continuation, plus the Borutu series. Hence I thought perhaps a continuation to DC might, or rather, preferably should happen. However, what might come next?. The whole point of DC is to illustrate a spiritual successor to Sherlock Holmes in a Japanese setting, albeit adding more content to the core. But what if the story is elaborated upon, the black organization/Karasuma Group are only the enemies of Shinichi and his allies. While there might be other contending criminal organizations around the world, that end up as enemies to other related characters, and the story is even way bigger than it already is. Despite the 20+ years about a story set within a year, the continuation returns as a regular based story. Henceforth I imagined and theorized aftermath to the main DC story that I'd like to share with fellow fans, so enjoy reading a possible future theory. After Shinichi returns to his normal body and eliminates the BO once and for all, he grows into a superb detective recognized by the world. The story begins with Kudo Tairoku (a suggested name based on the first localized name for Sherlock in Japan), the male child of Shinichi and Ran. After Shinichi and Ran are married, Shinichi is approached by acquaintances of the FBI to help them solve cases internationally, Ran after opening a Karate dojo, drags along with Shinichi to keep him company. However, due to the nature of his work, they decide to leave their son Tairoku with his best friend and now the owner of the biggest and most successful detective agency in Japan, the Hattori detective agency, run by the owner himself Heiji Hattori who is an older and wiser world-famous detective (think alongside his preview of himself in 'the stranger in 9 years' ova and a close resemblant to Morihiku Dan of the Detective School Q series). Who is also married to Kazuha, and with their female child Haruna Heiji, welcomes Tairoku in their home. Tairoku, then learns more about his father as a detective and whose fame reached legendary status and Heiji's great wits through the interns of Heiji Detective Agency. However, after a certain incident, Tairoku, displaying intuitive well-honed detective skills, compared to his now-retired grandfather Yuusaku, concludes that the culprits are a small group of Heiji's students, who want to raise their status by solving cases they are responsible for. Tairoku, along with his new best friend Haruna (I suggest Tairoku, who looks like a mix of Yuusaku and Shinichi albeit with Shinichi's mother's hair color. And Haruna, is dark in skin color like her father but resemblant to her mother.) try to uncover the mystery behind the group, so they (middle school students) stumble upon a good friend of their parents, a young professor's assistant and a previous small-time detective Mitsuhiko. (By this time, the Detective Boys have disbanded due to their business with their careers. Mitsuhiko is now an assistant researcher at Tokyo's University, Ayumi is a homeroom teacher, both are married. And Genta is working fulltime at his family's restaurant with frequent puzzle solving skills though not honed enough and has acquired Agasa's sense for puzzle giving to the local children.) Mitsuhiko's lust for detective work is now reactivated, and he contacts both Ayumi and Genta to take a break from work and help the young Tairoku and Haruna in their case. Long story short, Haruna is awed by the Detective Boys' skills, who in turn are more amazed by Tairoku's skills and compare him to Conan's past life. When things get ugly, and the group finally corners them through malicious means, the DBoys are locked up, and Tairoku (through Karate skills he was taught by his mother Ran), tries to save Haruna. Except he is outnumbered, just then someone comes to his aid. The older Heiji was suspicious of this small group of his students, and therefore sent a friend of his to investigates them, who turns out to be Masumi Sera (now a police detective, like how Sato was, who btw is now a police inspector instead of Megure, who becomes the superintended, and Takagi has left the force to marry Sato and joins Hattori in overlooking his Tokyo's subteam of detectives.), the police detective Sera rescues Tairoku and Haruna, calls for backup and arrest the group. Tairoku is then approached by Heiji who scolds him a bit, but seeing how he used to be the same curious detective, he appoints Tairoku instead of the previous team. Tairoku, Haruna and now a young boy named Hanaba Atsushi, go on a series of detective cases over Japan. I also envision a continuation where Tairoku grows and comes to face new enemies such as, Kaito Kid the Third, A professor serial killer with a fanbase whom he controls to commit crimes, a new company trying to overtake the shoes of the now destroyed BO's operations. And possibly many subplots like DC; the series would now be called Detective Conan: Future Generations. Though I'm not sure how Conan would be now relevant since the identity of the boy once known as Edogawa Conan is now uncovered as Kudo Shinichi, perhaps in respects to his previous life as Conan, Shinichi names his son Conan instead of Tairoku, or better yet, the series focuses on the smarter younger brother of Tairoku's, Conan, who is the smarter brother of the stronger Tairoku. Although it can be enlarged through fan fiction, I would love to see Gosho's disciples take over the story and continue on it for the sake of the fans and the story itself. Yet I'm pretty positive Gosho would not want to continue with it, as he is more than ready to let it go. Anyways, if DC really ends with the destruction of BO and Shinichi is back to normal. Would you like to read/watch a sequel like mentioned above, or even take part in it? Let me know .
  5. Hi there, welcome to the forums. It is merely an indication that the fax actually works, there are many more characters that appeared once or twice and were altered in the anime. The usage of the professor is to illustrate the hint that the criminal used the fax to create his alibi, do you have anything else in mind?
  6. We can't say for sure, as far as the series goes. It can be a true story that deemed fabrication in order to distract the truth. Nonetheless it has been mentioned and there is a mystery about it so we can't make certainties for now
  7. You might be right, again this is my speculation. I can give many possible theory to many things you point out, but again nothing can be said is true or false unless Gosho confirms or denies them.
  8. 1. It is, the order was at fault perhaps. 2. The basis, is that it was developed in a 17-20 years of process. It is a mere speculation that a drug was time consuming but became instant years later, hence it truly may be wrong but nonetheless it is an assumption and you don't have to believe it. 3. You said 'officially', hence some friends of Amanda knows of the existence of Rum and she told him about that fact. Again this is a mere guess. 4. Because he knew Rum is about to die either ways, weak I know but again only a guess. No concrete evidence based on. 5. It would indicate that he knew that Asaca worked on her/his own, and he went to the next person he knew. 6. Because he needed a reliable evidence to leave behind, and not another would be corpse, that is if he did not suspect the lobby workers. 7. True, again this is a mere theory with no established facts. So it can be criticized, and blamed. However it is an idea whether it is true or not.
  9. I may have remembered incorrectly, however the alternative would be that Kohji was beaten in his room but knocked out Asaca and then left the evidence and ran to Amanda's room (not sure why but could've wanted to hold her hostage or something) and then Asaca went after him ran off and Rum went after him and killed him. It is not like I'm enforcing my theory or anything, don't forget it may be sensible but from the start it is a weak one and I'm trying to find a closure to it. It may be all wrong, and might be somewhat right or an alternative to the one truth. It is merely an assumption in a sensible way.
  10. 1. Your dwelling on the taps in the bathroom in Kohji's room, don't forget the taps in Amanda's were open as well. 2. I'm not inventing facts, I'm merely assuming the prototype had longer time to take effects. I might be wrong, and you might be wrong, it is only up to Gosho to answer it. So don't point fingers where everything we say is also possible 3. The fact that he mentioned the existence of such name, he knew it would reach the CIA or FBI. 4. I haven't read according to you, whether Kohji's fingerprints were left or not. Assuming it is as you say, either they were cleaned by Rum. Or he simply didn't touch anything that left his fingerprints (the doorknob was touched by every visitor so his would be missed with, and the taps again may have been erased due to water) 5. Because she visited him on several occasions. While Holmes did say do not invent facts to suit theories, it is necessary to assume many theories and find the most suitable one. So it is not about inventing facts, but assuming the most suitable facts for temporarily uncertain facts
  11. You make possible flaws, however he wan't poisoned before throwing away the stuff. Rather it was after, and don't forget it was 17 years ago when Shiho was 1 year old, so most likely it was a prototype that had longer time to kill. And AGAIN he knew it was Rum because Amanda had slipped the information about Rum's MO (way of killing), perhaps because there was no implication of a force on the body hence he guessed it would be a prototype drug, therefore Rum. In contrast to Asaca who is more aggressive in their way of killing.
  12. Again, when Asaca attacked Kohji, he knew once he saw Amanda's body that it was Rum because of Rum MO. Something that perhaps he was told off by Amanda as well. Regarding the 2nd point, maybe Kohji was washing his face before being attacked by Asaca. However after the fight, he runs to Amanda's room to cut the mirror. And later he comes back to his room leaving the taps open, and if either Asaca or Rum closed it, then they would higher up the chances of leaving trail behind.
  13. More or less the order is right, but perhaps Rum did not know how many people were in the room, so he decided to wait on it since he heard no scream. Rather than exposing himself, he would wait for a minute maybe while texting someone. Kohji, for his part would want to hide the mirror in his already messy room since it wouldn't make sense for a cut mirror to be on his body or Amanda's. So he tries his best to hide it by moving to his room, for it is the best option he could've think so in his state. Rum also knows about APTX way of killing, so since he is short on time and don't want to implicate another culprit is involved in the crime by using a tool that is not compatible with Asaca (Asaca perhaps brought his/her weapon and beaten Kohji with it, so using another tool would implicate another person. Hence it is best to use APTX in order to ensure nothing traces back to him).
  14. Regarding your first thoughts , I think that Rum didn't know about the intended crime of Kohji's. Here how it might've happened؛ Rum arrived to kill Amanda, however Asaca went on to kill Kohji. Rum having killed Amanda, he heard someone coming in so he hid in the room. Kohiji arrived having out run his killer and is leaving the evidence behind, however he witness Amanda's body and figure out it is Rum's doings since Amanda has already leaked to Kohji about the existence of Rum. So he leaves behind evidence regarding both Rum and Asaca, and just as Rum is about to come out and kill Kohji. Asaca arrives and beats Kohji, however Asaca hears Rum and quickly escapes (it could be also that Kohji was attacked as he was exiting Amanda's room). Rum enters the room out of his hiding place, and thinks of blaming it all on Asaca. So he goes after the beaten Kohji whos crawling his way back to his room to hide his hints, Rum catches up and kills him using APTX 4869. However Rum fails at noticing the evidence left behind, and if Amanda and Kohji knew about Rum's existence then it is most likely Asaca knew as well. Thats why Asaca went into hiding, and why the BO freaks out about anything related to Asaca who knows about Rum and might expose his crime.
  15. I've been dwelling on the Kohji's case, and I don't know for sure as it is still too vague, but here's what I've concluded thus far. It is possible that the murders of Amanda and Koji are different, in the sense that it's a different criminal for each crime. If you think about it, the most logical answer for way one room is neat while the other is messy despite the fact that one victim is an old female and the other is a young male, it is merely done by different criminals who had different approaches. However as much as Amanda's crime went, one can assume it is an act of Rum's to do an excellent job. He could've escaped without any reason to kill Koji even if Amanda is his fan, the alternative is that Koji's killer is someone different than Rum who had different approach. The best suitable criminal would be the bodyguard Asaca, who either acted on him/herself or maybe was employed by Amanda who's BO ties made her think to cut all links with the CIA and FBI thus making Tsutomo Akai investigating her, while Amanda lowered Koji's alert by visiting him as a 'fan' with a bodyguard. However after she was killed by Rum, as the BO suspected she would cut her ties with them and the CIA FBI making her a liability. Asaca beaten Koji Almost to deat, as she/he heard Rum approaching Asaca quickly escaped. Rum having thought it out that Asaca is the killer, he inject the barely living Koji with the APTX 4869 and killing him with the finishing blow and blaming it all on Asaca. Rum's mistake is only the evidence left behind by Koji, who simply alluded to two different killers of him and Amanda ASACA and RUM. If Wakasa Rumi is Asaca then she is most likely vengeful for the BO for blaming her for both murders, however this would contradict the theory that Haibara feels she is safe and the fact that she is taking care of the DB. Tsutomo however, was followed by BO for his investigations, and after they find out about him mingling in Amanda's business, he decides to disappear. Akai probably knew his father had infiltrated the BO and so did his mother since she was the sister of their lead scientist, therefore forcing him to join the FBI who has yet to infiltrate the BO. Since the BO are setting their eyes on CIA and MI6 (due to Tsutomo and Mary). Regarding Rum, I'm suspecting the old blind man at the Kendo tournament. If you think about it, he might've done some digging and knew a murder will occur and where. Thus anticipating it, and sitting there in advance pretending to be blind. He also provided a fabricated clue in order to test whether his suspensions are wrong or right regarding the fact that Conan is the true brains and likely is Shinichi, he knew this probably from the Metropolitan police inside man from the BO who heard from Kuroda about Conan being the sac of wisdom. However the one who did solve the crime at the end is Heiji which might have unintentionally helped Conan to throw off the blind man's suspensions. However I have nothing to back this theory expect for the mere fact that the blind man was way too mysterious and shady (Why in the world would someone sit next to the bathrooms), wearing a black shirt and having those shady eyeglasses glare that Conan exhibits when he solves a crime. It is only a theory, and a weak one.
  16. Unfortunately as of yet there is no evidence to support it, however if you tie it with the fact that if indeed Rum has appeared. Then you can assume he have no long hair as of the current timeline, since we have not been introduced to an old man (considering this to be the de facto current attribute of Rum since he is that old). Then the theory holds, as the most characters who are male old and with long hair has either died or exposed (except for Mr. Masakage the magician, though I doubt Gosho has planned that far ahead). You also can say that the 'accident' that gave Rum his prosthetic eye has also changed his appearance, hence the contradicting descriptions.
  17. Hey everyone, it's been a long time ! Anyways, I think maybe we have thought about Rum's attributes from a closed angle. Most if not all have compared Rum's descriptions to the Apartment store case, however what if it is not scene related but time related. For example, it is not that some agents saw him as strong or effeminate. But rather it is that at different times he was seen differently, simple as that. Perhaps in youth he had long hair which made everyone think he is effeminate, but later he cuts it short or keeps it (like Shuu in a way XD). He is now considered old, because for the new B.O agents he will look old and a more senior agent. And maybe strong due to either natural ability or again time related, or maybe just like how in the 20 movie, he mostly recruits female agents to be under him directly perhaps as they are pron to his manipulation than men. And these female agents would describe him as strong in relation to them. What do you think?
  18. I've got a look alike suspect for the husband, although Gosho may have alluded to the denial of the connection. Still the resemblance is uncanny.. As you can see, Eri Kisaki's father is similar in face structure and hair tune to the mysterious man. And in the same posture, but nothing can be proven and it is only a possibility though it is 25 chapter later.
  19. I think that if my theory is right, then perhaps the killer of Amanda Hughes is Rum. But the killer of Kouji is a different one, perhaps the person who impersonated Asaca and a disciple of Rum. Who after the failed perfect crime scene being ruined by the mess of Kouji's room, managed to escape and therefore the BO is sensitive about it. Kouji's ability to leave such a message, is the result of Asaca being scolded by Rum and is instructed to search for Kouji who meanwhile leaves his message, only to be killed shortly after. Or Asaca is an agent of a police agency (perhaps the FBI) being hired by Amanda, who did try to delay Kouji's murder by fighting off the killer (Rum or his accomplices). Many things can be said about this case, as no evidence or clues are out yet.
  20. Perhaps, but I was thinking that Kouji might have predicted that his killer would think of the U MASCARA, Therefore the first letters are the true message. Yet again, I doubt that the killer would leave any message of the victim laying around. It's still too vague for us to be certain of anything at this point..
  21. As most of us already know by this point about the Haneda Kouji's dying message, I thought we might work something out if we do it in a separate topic. As far as the conclusion of Conan and Shuichi came to, I'm still doubtful about their resolve. Even though the BO thinks of the code in the same manner as Conan and Shuuichi think of (as proven in the "A Song named Asaka" Case), I still am curious about it's true meaning. Instead of the left off characters, I though of the PTON characters, I managed to find a certain idea. Though it might be all wrong, I just want to share it, it might help with something else. So PTON is what Kouji left in a mirror cut by him. Since he is a Shogi player, I took the idea to know if these letters mean anything in Shogi although I'm not an expert of the game. I manged to get the following; if P is the abbreviation of the pawn and another Japanese abbreviation is Fu, and the N is the abbreviation of cassia horse which also have the Japanese abbreviation of Kei. Then PTON could mean; Fu TO Kei, which might mean FUKEI, that perhaps coincidentally means policewoman in Japanese. Perhaps it is Kouji's way of saying that his killer is a policewoman, perhaps I'm thinking too deep into it. Just thought it might be an interesting idea.
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