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Welcome to my profile page :D.


I'm an ambitious writer with a devotion to become a detective, I'm new to the community and I hope that I would acquire your friendships fellow DC fans.


I'm known through this forum as Shinan-Kudogawa, but you may call me Shinan if you please. I'm overall a nice person who'd rather develop and train his brain and body than just sit around, though I do fun stuff sometimes (I'm not boring as you may think :P ). A university student, currently doing a double major in Law and English Literature. Aiming to acquire a second major or doctorate in Criminology and if time and God allows it Astronomy as well, that's just too much talking I know and I'm sorry if I wasted your time. 


Anyways feel free to chat and to talk with me, a DC fan will always be my friend ;) ..

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