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  1. Raki-chan~ I chose fall too (but I call it autumn)


    I would have loved to think of winter as my favourite season- white is one of my favourite colours and I love snow and such. Pity there hasn't been any snow for the last half a century where I am. It goes to 7 degrees Celsius and rises to above 40 degrees Celsius in summer (which is too hot for me to handle). And I don't like spring (no offense) because, as I live in the southern hemisphere, it is at the end of the year. Summer starts off the year in a terribly hot way, so I'm choosing autumn because it isn't too cold nor too hot.

  2. So my friend (her username is Kirsch) wouldn't stop talking about it (SHE WAS FANGIRLING SO HARD IN CLASS) so my first impression was

    "Detective Conan sucks. Why is she so obsessed with it? The plot makes no sense. So unrealistic and cliché."

    and then I watched an episode...

    and I'm more obsessed than her now. ^-^

    You're just like Avatar-neetan XD I sorta feel like Kirsch-tan!

    I was fangirling about it everywhere and Avatar was pretty clueless for a while until I got her into it :D It's her favourite anime now!

  3. I love all these romantic comedy animes ^-^

    I want to watch all of them 

    Most RomComs I watch turn out to be harems... They're a cute genre though. Although they will never beat Slice-of-Life >.< But that's just me.


    I just realised how far apart time zones are on DCW... It's 2:40 where I am right now 0.0

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