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  1. Ohhh, why you do this to me?!  I couldn't possibly choose between my favorite romantic character tropes!


    I voted for dandere, but deredere, kuudere, and tsundere are a very close second, third, and fourth.  Never really much had a thing for yanderes, as made obvious by the fact that I'd choose Noire over Tharja as my waifu any day in FE: Awakening, despite Tharja being the more *cough* well-endowed *cough* of the two.


    And mind the double posts, s-b11119.  You should just edit your original post if you've made a mistake. 

    For the question, nii-tan, because I'm evil *eats candy evilly*.


    It was between Kuudere and Mayadere. Ultimately went with Mayadere.

    :o Mayadere... I quite like them as well...


    But I am truly indecisive... Instead of dandere, I chose deredere... :/ might change it sometime later though...

  2. (I hope there wasn't another topic like this)

    Recently, I figured out the difference between all the dere types. So I was wondering which type of dere is most popular in DCW :huh: ... Hmmm... I personally should like tsundere because Ai Haibara-chama is one. But I think I'm leaning towards dandere.

    If you don't know what 'dere' means, look below~

    Dere itself means 'lovestruck'.Like that >>> :wub: 

    Tsundere- 'Hard on the outside, soft on the inside' type. Originally, this character behaves rudely to their love interest, but becomes a 'dere' if the love interest breaks their shell.

    Derived from 'Tsuntsun' meaning pointed and 'Deredere' meaning sweet

    Yandere- A dere character who originally behaves normally but slowly behaves obsessively about their love interest (e.g. stalking them, killing 'competition') *cough* *cough* Yuno Gasai *cough* *cough*.

    Derived from 'Yanderu' meaning ill and 'Deredere' meaning sweet.

    Dandere- The shy 'dere'. The 'dere' type that acts shy (and most likely does not speak) but if their love interest is alone with them, they would be 'deredere'.

    Derived from 'Danmari' meaning calm and 'Deredere' meaning sweet.

    Kuudere- Not to be confused with tsundere or dandere. A kuudere behaves as if they would not care if their love interest dies, but in fact deeply cares for them. Whereas a tsundere may be deredere often, a kuudere behaves emotionlessly most of the time and only occasionally becomes 'deredere'.

    Himedere- A tsundere or kuudere character that is too 'princess-like' to be either.

    Deredere- A generally sweet person to everyone.

    Kamidere- Was the word the lead character in "Kyouran Kazoku Nikki" used to describe herself, since she was a goddess (kami).

    Coodere- Not to be confused with Kuudere. A coodere does very much care on the outside if their love interest dies. They are like tsundere characters who behave 'coolly' on the outside rather than rudely. 

    Derived from 'Cool' and Deredere

    Undere- An undere would say 'yes' to everything to their love interest.

    Derived from 'un' (a casual way of saying yes) and Deredere

    Mayadere- A mayadere was originally an enemy who switched to the other side after falling in love. (A Mayadere might still joke about killing their love interest once in a while)

  3. Magic Kaito 1412- As far as I know, the 2nd episode is not subbed yet. >.< My weekly Magic Kaito!!! I will probably have to take up Japanese as my elective next year to understand the raw version...

    Amagi Brilliant Park- KyoAni's latest work ^-^ The animation was quite good (but after watching Hyouka, I think it can be better)... I can't say much about the plot though... I don't know a lot from just 2 episodes...

    SAO2- as usual. 14.5...

    All they did was reuse the scenes from the old episodes...

    Selector Spread WIXOSS- I already feel that the 1st season was better than this one... I miss Tama-chan so much T^T

  4. Moon Kid-kouhai and Meitantei Kiddo-tan, I could tell you two apart... Expecially since Meitantei Kiddo-tan is MK... What does that make Moon Kid-kouhai? 

    Back to topic... I have 2 tests tomorrow and a HUGE assignment due 2 days after... Not boring. STRESSFUL!

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