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  1. Is it only me that thinks Heiji is too much of a chicken when it comes to love? ;)

  2. The feeling after you've seen all the episode more than ones... and just wait for new ones :P

  3. I find that him not changing too much a good thing. he does change with the years. You can clearly see a difference from episode 1 - 700. The graphics is mostly what changed, but it made the difference.
  4. At the end of the day, all that matters is Detective Conan.

    1. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      What matters at the beginning of the day?

  5. Does this mean we get longer episodes! Instead of waiting for 2 to come out
  6. Haha, i like that one! But how would you explain the dirt they had on their cloths?
  7. I find Shinichi to be the best. His mysteries way to talk and his way with words just creates the perfect character...
  8. In the heat of the moment i would say i don't have a favourite, but this one really got me.. "Don't worry. I'll stay here until you cut it. If we die, we die together."
  9. In episode 222, Heiji and Kazuha was hanging by a branch which was going to break. How do you think they got away or is there a clip showing it? Post your thoughts :-) -Madosu
  10. Hey people! I'm glad to finaly join this forum. I have been watching/reading about Detective Conan for years now and never grown tired. Feels good to find people that share my interest, and knows a lot about the series. Hope we get to talk together and discuss the incredible holmes fan/detective we all love. I myself have watched all the episodes of the series. I think i've also read them all, mostly.. I know for sure i've watched them all, some many times. I have seen all the movies atleast twice.. I kind of feel like a nerd, but it's not any anime is it? I generally never get addicted to stuff, and i find that this anime got me so hocked that i can't really not watch it lol! Ok, that's enough about my sorry life. Hope i will talk to ya all and maybe learn some japanese while i'm at it Thanks guys! - Madosu
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