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  1. I hope movie 18 will be something more captivating than soccer and bombs, something with Black Organization. Maybe Conan, Ran, Kogoro to catch a member from BO? And to see Ran using her karate on Velmouth? XD I really don't know.
  2. My favorite movies are 4 (Captured in Her Eyes), 14 (The Lost Ship in the Sky) and 17 (Private Eye in the Distant Sea). I like the movie 9 and 2 too. I dislike movie 16 and 15 for some reasons, though.
  3. You're never too old to watch an anime and read an manga, that's the life of a(n) otaku. DC is not for kids at all... nor even animes in general.
  4. Shinichi and Ran are THE main couple of DC. Both Shinichi and Ran confessed to each other, both love each other, no to mention that Gosho told that there WILL BE A KISS. I don't understand why trying to fight with RanxShin fans when YOU'RE IN THEIR TOPIC. AyumixConan also are NONCANON. And also AixConan. Gosho never mentioned about a love between those two and yet, everybody is allowed to LIKE WHATEVER THEY WANT.
  5. Movies are always better than the anime itself, although I like the manga a lot.
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