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    Describe Ran Mouri in one word

  2. Sandman253

    Movie 17: Private Eye in the Distant Sea

    Hubuki subs already made part one of the movie, but part two won't come out until their exams are finished and they should release the full movie.
  3. Sandman253

    Finding Episodes

    Episode 587.
  4. Welcome to DCW, enjoy your stay .
  5. Sandman253

    Movie 17: Private Eye in the Distant Sea

    Around November/December, that's when it releases for DVD/Blu Ray in Japan.
  6. Sandman253

    hello ^_^ i'm geL ,.. a avid fan of detective conan

    Welcome to DCW .
  7. Sandman253

    Finding Episodes

    It's true that Ran is suspicious about Conan's identity in several episodes, but Conan managed to trick Ran on thinking that he and Shinichi are two completely different people. List of episodes that Ran is suspicious of Conan's identity: Episode 7, 96, 188-193, 400. I'm pretty sure that there's more episodes involving this, but I'm just pointing out the important episodes.
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    Nice to meet you too . Welcome to DCW, enjoy your stay.
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    Hello and welcome to DCW .
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    Hey! :D

    Welcome to DCW
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    Anyone knows which episode this picture is from?

    I think it was the opening scene from Movie 13.
  12. Sandman253

    hello i'm conan's freak from indonesia

    Hello and welcome to DCW
  13. Sandman253

    Any episodes with no crime?

    Cases that don't involve on someone dying.
  14. Sandman253

    Spoken Languages

    English: main language Spanish: know a few words, but not very good on understanding an conversation Japanese: few words from anime.
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    hi!! :)

    Why hello and welcome to DCW .