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  1. Detective, Mystery, Game, Romance, Comedy, Adventure. Any anime genre. But i prefer anime with puzzles like Phi Brain. I'll watch any anime you suggest.
  2. What's the episode where Kaito pretend to be Genta?
  3. A thief is a creative artist who takes his pray in style, but a detective is nothing more than a critic who follows our footsteps. -Kaito 1412 ♥

  4. Happy Birthday! ^.^

  5. Kon'nichiwa minna-san!! Housoun-chan desu. A proud to be pinoy otaku. 13 years old. Second year highschool. Detective Conan fanatic and plan to be a detective in future. I REALLY LOVE THE ShinHo Couple. ♥ Hope ya 'cause i'm just new here. Umm. Not that newbie but this is my first time in Forum but I always open this page for the update for the released episodes of Detective Conan. Shinjitsu wa Itsumo Hitotsu! ^.^V Please give me some advise.
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