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    Spanish Chatroom

    tell me some example
  2. Amara

    Spanish Chatroom

    Topic, in this case, is "Tema" not "Topico" (I think it´s better so the translation). Sometimes We translate word verbatim or literally (What is better? ) but the translation is fine (some words fail, like me with English XD) The translation would be: "¿Por que no encontré este tema antes? Tomé durante 4 años clases de Español y tuve mi ultima clase (que era una clase de AP ("Advanced Placement" may be?. I don´t know how to translate :-? ) ) el pasado semestre. Era muy difícil... Bueno, hubiera sido beneficioso si hubiera practicado aquí el español para clase, pero ya es tarde. " In Spanish: -The subject can be omitted in many sentences. -The noun tells you the gender and number -There are more tenses (8 in English (which I have studied) and 13 in Spanish) What memories of my elementary school :-D !
  3. I first look at the RAW version and then wait for the English version and finally my language
  4. heyyy amara!!

    welcome to DCW!!! btw i like ur profile pic it's really cute xD

  5. Amara

    Spanish Chatroom

    El español tiene muchos sinónimos, eso pienso yo, pero es practicar y entender Spanish has many synonyms, so I think, but is practice and understand
  6. 1.The Phantom of Baker Street 2.Captured in Her Eyes 3.Quarter of Silence
  7. Hi, I´m newbie. I´m Spanish and I know a little English, so forgive me if my english isn´t perfect :-D.
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