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    Happy Birthday

  2. I am stating a new Manga Series (yet to be named) It's a series about Japan when the world loses power and people must form colonies to survive. I will update this often with different things drawn. Here is the Profile of the main character.
  3. Anybody knows what the final Manga File in the Detective Conan English Subbed Episode is?

  4. These entries were so good it took us a few extra days to pick the best. The winner has been decided... 1. Akai Sera 2. Aeyra 3. Rye and Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief have both tied. The 1st and 2nd place entries were both so good we had to have an extra judge to decide the winner. Akai Sera I will be contacting you shortly about what the Manga story would be about and to get as many details about your character. I will also be sending you the first chapter of the Manga to you after that. It will be the introduction of your character and stuff.
  5. That's a good sketch. Honestly I thought the side was better then the front, but what do I know. In the voting If it was which head section was better I might have have lost 3-1 lol. I suggest keep drawing when you have the time.
  6. You can enter as many drawings as you'd like lol. The contest is just to find the best main character that is easyish to draw, not the best drawer.
  7. Okay guys we are starting to fill up a folder with manga characters and we have 31 days left in the contest. These characters are so good I am just glad I will have friends to help me judge these because they are all so good. On another note I have a question for Shinichi Natake. In an earlier post you called me Daneko-San which surprised me. Because of doing research for this manga I've learned that -San is a suffix which means equal. But although you know my username is Dcat instead of typing Dcat-San you decided to type Daneko-San. I'm just curious why you called me Daneko.
  8. You live in Missouri??? Best state in the US!^^

  9. I will be deciding on the character's personality after we vote on the winner according to how they look. When the winner is chosen by my friends and me, I will be pming the winner for how they felt him to be when he/she is being drawn. The character can be male or female but the story line will be more male dominated so the winning character will probably be male but that is not a Guarantee. The age of the main character will practically decide the age of the other major characters. The age I am thinking of is between 13-17 years of age. I apologize for not posting that up above. Also another thing I did not post above which I should have is that when the winner is decided I will be pming them a lot until the mini story is over. Every chapter will be sent to them when it is roughly finished so to make sure that the wining character have the personality and act (immature vs mature) is to the liking of the contest winner. Also, when it is all said and done if they have any preference of a way to distribute it for free (a certain website or something) they will have their way in that.
  10. That's a really great drawing. Thanks for entering it.
  11. I am making a manga and I am trying to decide on a look for the main character to have. The story will be either a mystery manga or a small fighting manga, not a ninja story. If you have an idea of a character look that is easy to draw but looks cool please post it in this forum and the best character will be chosen by a group of 4 of my friends + myself by July 30th.
  12. I have just finished watching all the movies and I have to say my favorite would have to be movie 15.
  13. At the end of movie 11 it stated that the map was probably not for Annie to get to the ship but for something else. No matter how I think about it I can't figure out what the map and the ship were for if it was not for Anne and Mary going out to sail together again. If anybody knows what they meant and were for please post here and tell me. Thanks
  14. Kid was with them before Hakuba's appearance. He was also the Homeless man who lived in the hotel about to be torn down.
  15. Happy Birthday!! :)

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