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  1. He made three requests. That I protect him and never betray him until he obtains his revenge. That I obey his orders unconditionally. And that I would never lie... to him.

  2. Ballet's Lesson a.k.a Sparta Lesson From Mom is gonna start in an hour or Two. =_=

  3. Hahaha. Got it. I've been addicted to Mafia ever since I watch KHR!

  4. Yep. I wish I was really with them. I was in the Town where they began and I couldn't even see a single Mafiosi around. ^^

  5. Thanks for the Add. ^^

    I see that you're an Erza Fan, too. ^^

  6. No. I just wrote it for Fun. ^^

  7. I'm Finr. thanks. DCW is really welcoming and Warm...

  8. I'm Fine. I'm still looking around, though. ^^

  9. Thanks for the Welcome~!!

  10. Watching Clash Of Red & Black (Hades)

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