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  1. theM

    Ran Mori

    You misunderstood me. I mean that Gosho probably wanted to use it as a stylistic device like: same favorite colour, same blood type, same age AND same zodiac sign => OH,so much in common,they seem to be soulmates! :-) Do you get it? Just like that - as a symbol. There's a high chance that it could be like that because the first three commonalities are official. The movies are not (exactly) Canon- still Gosho has influence on it. You see that Shinichi's birthday is in manga and in the movie 1 May 4th. So the birth information about Ran could be valid,too. Besides I know that the blood type and the zodiac sign are not connected and that being the same zodiac sign doesn't mean that you are soulmates. I'm into astrology for years and it's much more extensive than that. =) Relationship astrology is not just about your zodiac sign (Sun sign). Logically there could be another birth date for Ran. If you think about what Gosho said in one interview some months ago. He said that there is an obstacle why he can't reveal Ran's birthday yet and that Ran is still 16. Many fans think that something important will occur on her birthday. You can't really create a timeline from the story but we know that some months passed but not yet a year cause all students are still in the same class. Besides Gosho said that Conan will never grow meaning that if he would come in the next grade the story probably will be over. The japanese school year lasts formally till March 31st. So it could be that the finale occur in in the end of the school year. And as Ran's birthday is still left- there's a chance that it will occur at the end of the story (March supposable) like "Conan change forever into Shinichi as Ran's birthday present." I like the idea somehow. =D Though it's just a theory.^^ Wish you a nice day. :-)
  2. theM

    Ran Mori

    I know the source of Ran's October-birthday : At the beginning of one of first Live Actions (Dorama), Shinichi had said Ran's birthday was on the previous day, and on class the blackboard wrote, October 2nd. So according to the Dorama her birthday is October 1st. But I don't know how much influence Gosho has on the Dorama. Plus it makes not much sense as Ran said her birthday is 'a way off' from Eri's (October 10th) like Wakarimashita wrote. In Movie 1 Ran showed the horoscope of Taurus and said that her and Shinichi's lucky color this month is red. I know that the Movies are Anime-Originals BUT Gosho has influence on them as he often talks in interviews about the ideas he had e.g. for the 15th or 16th movie.But I don't know if this detail was Gosho's idea,too. Furthermore someone wanted to know Ran's blood type and I can say it's the same as Shinichi.(Volume 26) Most people say blood type B but I don't know the source for it. So they are same class,same blood type, maybe also same zodiac sign... Perhaps Gosho wants to show in this way that Ran and Shinichi are soulmates.
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    Can you describe Haibara in one word??

    But can this be true? Because Kaito Kid shares Gosho's birthday,too. Therefore I would doubt that.
  11. theM

    Can you describe Haibara in one word??

    When did Gosho mention that Haibara's birthday is June 21st?